Puberty Customs That Will Destroy Your Peace Of Mind

There are infinite number of religions, cultures and traditions that exist around in the world. Few are normal, while there are those that follow certain bizarre ritual practices.

When a kid hits his puberty stage, it is quite a scary task in few of the tribes and religions across the world, as there are certain insane puberty customs that people religiously follow.

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Certain disturbing customs can leave you totally shocked, but the fact is people still believe in these customs and tend to follow them even on this date!

Find out more about the most bizarre and weirdest practices of puberty customs that are practised around in the world.


The Sacrification…

When the boys of a tribe of Papua, New Guinea, reach their puberty, they have to go through a terrifying tradition. This painful custom involves the scratching, etching, burning or even cutting of designs into the skin of the boys. This painful task is done to make the boys' skin look like a crocodile. This texture is achieved by making hundreds of two-centimeter-long razor cuts. To get the raised look of the skin, these cuts are filled in with clay and tree oil.

The Circumcision

When the boys reach their puberty in a tribe of South Africa, they have to go through the painful circumcision custom. This extremely painful ritual is done to celebrate the manhood of young boys. This painful custom has attracted many controversies, as there have been reports of deaths caused by complications.

The Facial Scarification

The Barabaig Culture of East Africa celebrates the puberty of young little boys by scarring their faces. In this painful practice, the young boys have to get their heads shaved and face scarred for life. These scars are also known as gar. Apparently, these scars are a sign of true manhood and they have to wear it with pride.

The Blood Extraction

A tribe from Papua, New Guinea, is said to practice a bizzare custom when the boys reach their puberty, as they have to expel their mother's blood from their body which they got during childbirth. This painful practice is done by various excruciating methods such as shoving canes through their throats or reeds up their nostrils or arrows into their tongues.

Wearing The Ant Gloves!

This is one of the most painful rituals that is followed by the Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon. Here, the young boys need to prove about their manhood by wearing a glove that has ants inside it. These ants have the most painful sting in the world, which is compared to a bullet hitting the flesh.

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The Rigorous Beating Of Girls

When the girls of Uaupes, Brazil, reach their puberty and start menstruating, they have to undergo the extremely terrifying menses rituals. They are brought out naked on the streets and are beaten to death or unconsciousness. It is believed that they are worthy to be married or for puberty ONLY if they don't die!

Drinking Sperm

Boys of the Etoro tribe of Papua, New Guinea, are the most famous anthropologists for their ritual homosexual acts. Their traditional practice includes drinking their elder's sperm to accomplish maturity and to enhance their status as true men.

The Clitoral Mutilation

This is one of the most disturbing practices followed around in the world. This practice is widely practiced in Somalia, Egypt, African and middle eastern countries where young girls mercilessly face the genital mutilation, which in layman's terms means the sealing of the vagina. This ritual is done to prevent any possible sexual indulgence by a girl as the virgin's seal is broken only on the night of consummation by the husband.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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