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Britain's First Pregnant Man Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Motherhood is the best feeling. Becoming a mother is a strength of a woman where she gets ready to face the harsh changes her body would face.

A 21-year-old man named Hayden Robert Cross has apparently become the first in Britain as he gave birth after he put his sex transition on hold to get pregnant by a sperm donor.

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Check out this unique story of a man giving birth to a baby in Britain.


He Decided To Get Pregnant…

Hayden Cross was born as a girl and he was legally a male when he discovered that he was pregnant. Hence, he had to pause his transgender hormonal treatment to conceive using a sperm donor he had met on Facebook.

Since 3 Years, He Was Under This Transition…

Hayden has been living legally as a man for more than three years now and was also taking male hormones to gain facial hair and a deep voice. He was already into transition when he gave birth to his baby daughter.

He Rose To Fame Earlier As Well!

He was in the news earlier when he had announced his pregnancy, courtesy a sperm donor. He created ethical debate when he announced his pregnancy. He had also received death threats for coming on a live TV show and confessing about his pregnancy.

When He Delivered The Child…

This 21-year-old man Hayden Robert Cross is currently over the moon after he successfully delivered his newborn girl. With this personal accomplishment, reports claim that Hayden is also known to become Britain's first pregnant man to give birth to a baby girl.

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He Wants His Baby To…

When he was questioned about him and the baby's future, he revealed, "I want the baby to have the best of everything. I will be the greatest dad. I will go back to Asda or something. I will work anywhere. I'll put the baby in childcare, so I can provide for it. I want to save lots of money, so I can send the baby to private school. I don't mind what the kid does when older. As long as they are happy and respectful, I don't care. I just want to make sure that they have the best opportunities in life."

We wish both Hayden and his baby girl good luck!

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