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Decoding A Woman's Personality Based On The Physical Features

We usually jump to conclusions in terms of judging people. But do you know that there are scientific facts which prove that we can analyse the traits of a person based on body language to physical features of the person?

Samudrika shastra is something that can help to decode the personality of a person, especially that of a woman. It is very easy to understand a woman by just looking at her physical features!

Well, according to the vedas, one can decode the personality of a woman by just looking at her physical features.

So, check out and learn about the tricks which reveal the personality of a woman based on her physical features.



If a girl's feet are soft, smooth, well developed, and are pink in colour, even without any perspiration, it is believed that the woman will enjoy happiness in everything that she does.


Toe Shape

If the woman has raised, full, round, pink-coloured toes, it indicates happiness. Small and irregular-shaped toes denote misery. If the toes have a shining pink colour and are smooth, raised and have round nails, it indicates happiness and good health. On the other hand, blackish or torn nails indicate misery.

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The Toes Touching The Ground...

If her pinky toe does not touch the ground, then she can forsake her husband and marry another man. If her 2nd toe is longer than her great toe, it indicates that she will have conjugal happiness before and after marriage. On the other hand, if the 3rd and 4th fingers do not touch the ground, it indicates definite widowhood.



According to the vedas, if a woman has round, smooth, good-looking knees, then she is considered as a magnet for good luck. On the other hand, if she has loose knees, it indicates poverty, and bony knees without flesh indicate a loose character.



If a woman has fleshy, round thighs like an elephant's trunk, it denotes that she has great chances to be married to a highly successful man.



If the woman has a circumference that is not exceeding the width of 24 fingers with well-developed hips, then it indicates that her life will be full of happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, if she has flat, long waist without flesh or even a hairy waist, she would suffer from misery.



If the woman has slightly red palms, which are raised in the middle, and the fingers are evenly spaced with few lines on the palm, then that is a very auspicious sign.


The Skin On Her Hand

If the woman has soft skin with very little light-coloured hair, and if she is well-built, then she is lucky for the man she is married too. On the other hand, if her skin is dry with fine lines, then it means she would have to face struggles throughout her life.


Her Fingers

If she has soft, smooth, long, thin fingers that are hairless, it indicates good fortune. Wherein small, bony, bent, or hairy fingers would indicate misfortune.

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Her Back

If a woman has fleshy, hairless back, it indicates that she will be sexually desirable and would have a content sexual life. On the other hand, if her back is bony, or hairy, with spots, it indicates that she will have a loose tongue and would often cause hurt to her loved ones.


Her Neck

If the woman has soft skin and her bones on her neck are well defined with divisions which are visible, then she will surely be a great wife and mother. On the other hand, a stout neck in a woman hints at widowhood and a flat or a short neck denotes a barren woman.


Her Cheeks

If a woman has raised, fleshy, round and natural pink cheeks, it indicates of a lively person in nature who is kind to others. On the other hand, a hard or deep cheek without flesh and poky bone is a sign of an evil woman.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 22:15 [IST]