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Weird Places Where Men End Up Sticking Their Pen*s

Experimenting with lovemaking sessions keeps your love life interesting and exciting. But what happens if you are a lonely man who is trying to experiment with something kinky and things go wrong?

Well, most of the times things do not go as planned and most of the times men end up with embarrassing injuries that need medical help!

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Here is a list of places where men need to ensure that they do not stick their manhood at any point of time!

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So, check it out.


A Bottle!

A case was reported where the doctors had to amputate a 50-year-old man's manhood after he got it stuck in a bottle that he was reportedly using as a sex toy for 4 straight days! Apparently, it had turned black and started to decay.

With A Prostitute!

In 2016, according to sources, it was reported that an old Chinese man had died while he was making love to a prostitute. No doubt the man was enjoying his last moment to bits, but it was awkward for the woman, as paramedics wheeled him away with his penis still inside the lady!

A Steel Pipe

A man ended up calling an emergency service after he managed to jam his manhood in a steel pipe! According to sources, the doctors could not operate on him, as the restricted blood flow to his manhood made it really tough for the firefighters to free him; but, luckily, he was only left with bruises and a red face!

Roll Of Tape!

A netizen had apparently got his boner stuck inside a roll of tape and asked his online friends on how to remove the DIY cock ring. The post went viral and it was titled, "I can't lose this boner! I've had it for about 20 minutes, WTF do I do?" He got mixed reactions, but it is clearly not known as to what happened to the poor guy, or his manhood!

Wedding Ring!

A man could not get his wedding ring off his penis! It is reported that the man was encouraged by his group of friends to try the trick before he gifted it to his lady love! Poor groom was left embarrassed, as he had to use an orthopaedic's oscillating saw to cut it off.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 2, 2017, 6:13 [IST]
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