Different Toxic Thoughts That Can Damage Your Soul

Researchers have suggested that there are around 30,000 thoughts that a human mind thinks of every day. These thoughts can be anything from good to even bad. A good thought can increase your happiness, while the bad or negative thought ruins your happiness.

So focusing on the positive thoughts is important, as it avoids unwanted thoughts and situations. It helps you move ahead in life with a positive note, while the toxic thoughts can damage your soul!

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Here are some of the most common toxic thoughts that can completely damage your soul, and hence it is always better to stay away from these.


Thought #1 "There are Times When You Feel You Can’t Do Anything"

In case of an emergency or need, if this is how you approach the problem or think you have to act, then it is really bad. This toxic thought shows that you are not prepared to take up any kind of responsibility. Researchers claim that it also acts as a psychological hindrance that affects your performance immensely. All that you need to do is flatly say a "No" to such thoughts! Initially, it would be difficult, but after some time, you will be amazed to discover how many things you can do.

Thought #2 "You Feel You Are Not Good Enough"

Even before the world gets a reason to judge you, you yourself tend to declare that you are not good. This kind of negative thinking will definately jeopardise your brain. You need to remember that nobody in this world is good enough to know everything, as all of us have our own drawbacks. Believe us that you are not the only one. So get up and accept yourself and remember that you can do it!

Thought #3 "You Think The Entire Whole World Is Against You"

The person who gets this cynical thought should understand that the whole world has a lot more better things to do other than conspiring against you. As a person, you cannot do anything, as there will be times when people create hurdles in your path. However, remember the fact that everybody has his/her own work to do and no one is after you. Remove this mental blockade and just do your job without bothering about it.

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Thought #4 “Would Have, Could Have, Should Have… Grrrr It's Never Ending!”

If you think that you would have done this, or you could have won or should it have happened, it is nothing but building emotional turmoil in your brain. Thinking about these negative thoughts can never take you anywhere but just ruin your peace of mind and make you feel depressed. So, all that you need to do is to forget and proceed further, as the more you regret, the more you feel depressed, and there is no end to it. Somewhere you have to stop and move on.

Thought #5 "Do You Have “Only If” Syndrome"

Having an attitude like "Only if you get a highly paid job, you would tend to start working or thinking that only if your friend calls, you will call him back," is not the right way to go about things. This kind of a pre-condition attitude is a self-imposed one and it stops you from moving ahead in life. You need to understand that life is difficult and everything cannot be as per your liking and preference. So, all that you need to do is to break out of it and take initiative!

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