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Signs Of Negative Energy Around You

Negative energy is an unseen force that can make our lives harder to live. In layman's terms, negative energy is also called 'depression' or 'the evil eye'.

There are times when you experience a sudden wave of negative emotions or thoughts, where our body, mind and soul react to it on a daily basis and when this happens, we do not have an explanation for why we're feeling low on energy. Well, this is due to the negative energy that is surrounding us.


But how to know or learn if you are surrounded by negative energy? There are some of the simplest tricks with which you can learn if you are or have been surrounded by negative energy, which we have listed below. Continue reading to know more.

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Sign #1: When Cash Does Not Flow Easily

This is one of the first signs of negativity around you. If you experience difficulties with the cash flow or if unpaid bills start to pile up and if you lose out the track of money flow, then trouble is around you.


Sign #2: You Feel Exhausted All The Time!

If you feel tired or exhausted all the time and you get frustrated easily, then it is a sign. You may also experience ups and downs like a roller coaster and feel like a loser, especially when you have a good night's rest and yet feel tired.


Sign #3: Being Stressed

If you feel stressed or are unable to cope with your everyday activities like earlier times, then there is something wrong and this needs to be worked upon, as you might be surrounded by negative energy.

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Sign #4: Prone To Infections

Signs of a low immune system topped up with stress will make you be affected by infections. You might be more prone to infections than normal and if you start getting sick more often than before, it is a sure sign of negativity.


Sign #5: When Communication Gets Affected

When you realise that your communication is affected for no reason at all and people seem to not understand what you are trying to convey and if you feel that you don't understand others, then it is a problem.


Sign #6: Sleep Pattern Gets Affected

Your sleep pattern is affected with strange dreams and nightmares. Apart from this, even your subconscious mind tries to alert you that something is not right, which can be a sign too!


Sign #7: Losing Important Things

If you are losing keys, money, wallets, clothes, etc., and if you have a difficult time in finding them, even though most of the time they are around you and quite visible, then it is one of the most important signs of negativity around you.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 15:20 [IST]
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