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Shocking! He Went Diving & His Body Swelled Up This Way!

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Every day is not a lucky day and this is what happened in case of a fisherman who went diving as usual for his day's work. However, least did he know that he would land up in something that would change his life forever.

Alejandro Ramos Martinez suffered from a grotesque form of the bends that actually inflated his chest and arms.

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Check out this bizarre case of Alejandro as his body has swelled up to almost 4 times his weight with nitrogen sacs in his arms and chest.


It Was Just A Regular Day...

Alejandro was a regular diver from Peru who dived for finding a fish, but he surfaced too quickly and suffered from a horrible case of the bends. He gained nearly 31.7 kg instantly, as his arms and chest ballooned after he went diving to collect the sea creatures from the sea floor.


The Fatal Condition...

The nitrogen that had entered his body swelled into great sacs and left him suffering from the extreme agony of decompression sickness. This condition is known as the bends. The nitrogen in his blood formed enormous, grotesque bubbles.


The Symptoms Of This Condition Are...

The symptoms of this decompression sickness include swollen joints, dizziness, itching skin, nausea, brain damage, paralysis, headaches, and cough. Researchers claim that this condition is usually caused by ascending too fast when scuba diving.


His Treatment…

Apparently, he is now being given oxygen treatment in a pressurised chamber. The doctors claim that they have been able to drain out just 30% of the nitrogen from his body and getting an operation done is not an easy task, as the case is quite complicated.

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His Current State

He is currently enduring severe pain because of the accident and walking had become quite difficult for him. He also suffers from serious hypertension.

We only wish he recovers soon and has a lovely life ahead. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 12:57 [IST]
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