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Real-life Story: ‘Mad’ Drug Addict Screams At Woman On Street

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Some real-life incidents make us realise that humanity still exists and today, we are sharing a real-life story of a woman named Wanja Mwaura who helped her school friend recover from drug addiction.

This story is a special heart-touching one, which helps us understand that it is never too late if you decide to do something and this is what happened in this case too...

Final Moments Of The Girl Who Was Trapped For 3 Days!

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It All Happened On One Fine Day…

Wanja who works as a nurse was on her way back from the market when she heard a shabby man call out to her. Initially, she thought he was a mad man when she looked at him, but since he had called her real name and was telling things that were related to her, she was taken by surprise to only discover that the man was her school friend called 'Hinga'.


He Was The Brightest Student In Their Class…

Wanga recalled that Hinga was the brightest student in their class and he had fallen into the wrong hands following the wrong path and needed help to recover. Being an old friend, she exactly knew what Hinga needed and did not waste anymore time.


She Contacted Her Other School Friends…

Wanga contacted all their batch-mates and told them on how Hinga needed support to recover from the unwanted addiction. In this process, Hinga revealed that he wished to give up on his addiction and lead a normal life and Wanga was shocked when he told that he wished to complete his education as well.


Wanga Did The Best For Him…

To make him feel loved and wanted, Wanga always took extra steps to make Hinga feel comfortable. She even ate from the same plate that he ate from. He eventually joined in the rehab and was on his recovery path.


Over The Next Few Months, The Result Was Seen…

The effort to recover from the mess was tough for Hinga, but he ensured he never let his friend down. Within a span of few months, the result was seen, as Hinga recovered from his addiction and is currently fulfilling his dreams that he always wished for.

Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born!


This Is An Inspiration…

This real-life incident is an inspiration for the rest of the world, as it makes us realise that if you decide to do something, nothing can stop you and if you have the right guidance, then there is nothing better than that!

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Story first published: Monday, November 13, 2017, 20:15 [IST]
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