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    Gruesome Practice Of Aborting Foetus In The Past

    Becoming a parent is not an easy task. It is something that both the parents need to accept and take it forward. While there are a few who accept parenthood in the best possible way, there are those too who are never ready to take the responsibility.

    This leads to the women undergoing abortions, and trying on pills that would spoil the woman's health. But what happened to such cases in the past will completely scare you for life!

    There have been some of the most scariest ways in which people have used abortion methods in the past. Check out the list, as it can simply creep you out.


    Inserting Leeches In The Vagina

    People in the past had this bizarre practice where the pregnant women were forced to put leeches inside their vagina, hoping it will damage the foetus. It was believed that the leeches would kill the foetus by drawing out blood or physically reaching and killing it. How creepy is that!


    Inserting A Coat Hanger

    This sounds scary but people in the past used these sharp, pointed objects to detach the foetus and cause abortion. The imagination itself can gross anyone out!!

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    Any Sharp Object

    Anything which was long enough to enter the uterus was used as a means to detach the foetus. From using a whalebone to turkey feathers, everything was used in a desperate attempt to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.


    The Sharp Objects Improvised Over Years

    From the turkey feathers to using surgical instruments, these methods improvised to a great extent. The scary instruments include urinary catheters, forceps and speculums as well!


    The Soap Solution!

    This was believed to be one of the most bizarre ways in which the doctors would carry out illegal abortions. They would insert an enema syringe filled with soap water solution into the vagina. It was believed that the syringe would do the damage and cause an abortion.

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    Toxic Plants In Cocktails

    The elders in the family would use toxic local plants and infuse them into a cocktail and give it to the pregnant woman to consume it. The poisonous plants were supposed to be strong enough to kill the unborn foetus.


    When Tampons Filled With Bizarre Things Were Inserted

    Back then, people inserted tampons that were made with a mixture of crushed ants, camel hair or even the foam from camels' mouths! These weird tampons were then shoved into the vagina. Due to the higher intensity of poison, the mixture would obviously kill the foetus while also cause an infection.


    Taking A Hot Shower

    This was the most illogical thing that people followed back then. It was believed that taking a hot scalding bath to detach the foetus would help. They believed that the woman's vaginal mucus membranes would open and cause her body to reject the foetus naturally.

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    Story first published: Friday, November 17, 2017, 16:19 [IST]
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