Select An Eye And Know What It Means

Most of the times, when things grab your attention, it is either due to the unusual approach or due to the subconscious mind on how we see things around us.

Here is a picture of 7 different types of images and all that you need to do is select a single eye and know what it can signify.

Pick An Eye & Know What It Means

These different eye types have their own hidden meanings associated with each about a person's personality, which the person himself may not be aware of.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and select an image and know about the unknown side of yours!


Eye #1: Fuelled With Passion

If you chose this eye, it means that the fire in you burns bright. Your instincts are alive and hungry. When you feel adventurous, it boosts up your spirit. You also feel enraged about something that has happened in the past and you are not able to let go of it easily.


Eye #2: A Book Of Secrets

You may have sacrificed so much in order to become who you are now. Your experiences in life have made you more wiser and stronger. You are in a very creative phase of your life most of the times, as there is something new that you are learning every time.

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Eye #3: Force Of Nature

Your energy has always been a part of nature and you have great healing powers. People are attracted towards you, as you can help them heal themselves. You have the capability to become a lighthouse of 'Happiness and Tranquility', when you make the best use of your powers.


Eye #4: An Ethereal Spirit

You always try to find more about what is happening around. You try to look for the deeper meaning of everything. You wonder on how life could be if you'd have chosen different paths. You are a perfectionist in most of the things that you do.


Eye #5: A Living Riddle

You love to manipulate things around you when you sense danger. You know what to hide and what to show. This is something that you may not do on purpose, yet it may happen.

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Eye #6: An Enchanting Soul

You attract others around you with your enigmatic and mysterious personality. You are always noticed in the crowd, as your energy is so intense. You should understand the truth that you are a unique being with many powers that you are unaware of.


Eye #7: The Night’s Sentinel

You are a master of disguises. You are a great keeper of wisdom and sensitive information as well. You love to watch and notice how others react in certain situations. Even though you are sincere, you do not wish others to know everything about you.

So which one did you choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

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