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A Billionaire Willing To Pay $180M To The Guy Who'd Marry His Daughter!

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This story is one of those cases that is over the top and hard to believe, but it is a true case of a Chinese billionaire named Cecil Chao who is willing to pay $180M to the man who'd marry his daughter.

Cecil Chao has some of the best things in the world, as he is one of the most influential personalities of China. He has made his massive fortune turn true with the help of real estate and luxury property development in Hong Kong, and is known for making grandiose moves with his money.

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But unfortunately, he cannot buy the thing that he wanted most in his life and it is the sexual choice of his daughter, as she is a lesbian and this dad is willing to pay any man in this world to change this fact!

Check out the bizarre offer and the story of the Chinese billionaire and his demand that seems to be highly impossible.


It All Started In The Year 2012

It officially started in 2012 when Chao made an official statement with his out-of-the-box proposal.


His Offer Initially Was Different

Apparently, he wanted to pay $60 million to the man who could "turn his daughter straight." It did not work out and in 2014, he upped the "amount" to $120 million, and it did not work out either, and hence he finally is offering $180 million!


Gigi, His Daughter, Was Not Cool With The Offer

Gigi made a public refusal of her father's offer and claimed that she is happy with her partner.


An Open Letter Was Written

Gigi wrote an open letter to her dad and it went viral and the content came out to reach the public.


The Details Of The Letter Go Like This…

In the letter, she implored her dad to treat her and her partner, Sean Eav, as "normal, dignified human beings. In the letter she wrote, "As your daughter, I would want nothing more than to make you happy." She further added, "But in terms of relationships, your expectations of me and the reality of who I am are not coherent."


Chao Was Not Happy With This Move

He wasn't pleased with her decision, as he is a man who is publicly known for being with hundreds of women in his lifetime. But when it comes to thoughts, he is an old-school guy who prefers traditional gender roles and has old-fashioned ideas about sexuality.

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He Finally Took The Offer Off…

He apparently told in an interview that he understands his daughter's choice now and he has learnt to respect it.


It Was A Big Relief For Gigi!

This was a huge sigh of relief for Gigi, as the pressure of proposals and chaos was hampering her daily life.


But There Was A Twist Again…

Though Chao respects his daughter's preference and choice, Gigi's partner is not a part of his family and the couple live a life away from Chao and his house.


This Is An Inspiration To Many…

This case is an inspiration to many out there who are expected to change according to their parents' choices; however, they must stand by what they want in life.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 14:00 [IST]
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