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Man Who Never Washed His Face And Smoked Animal Poop!

Can you imagine of not taking a shower for more than 2 days and going around people with confidence?! The thought itself is disgusting! But do you know that there are people who do not take a shower for days and months, or probably YEARS even?!!

One such case is of a 80-year-old man who has not taken a shower for 60+ years! He never washes his face and even proudly smokes animal faeces as a pot!

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Check out the story of Amou Haji - the world's dirtiest man who never has taken a shower for more than 60+ years! Read on to know more.


He Never Showered Because…

He never took a shower, as he believed that cleanliness brings him sickness. His favourite food is rotten porcupine! No, this is no joke, as this man is for real and he is all happy living a life this way!


He Smokes…

To relax himself, he smokes the dried poop of animals, as it makes him feel high. He apparently fills a pipe packed with animal poop before smoking away his lonely thoughts.


He Relishes…

His life's mantra is totally strange, as he does not like fresh food/water. Instead, he eats rotten flesh of a porcupine every day and even drinks the stale water preserved in a dirty bottle. Though he follows all the unclean food habits and the unclean ways of living, doctors who have examined him have claimed that he is very healthy even now!


His Strange Belief...

Even though Haji does not seem to wash himself very often, he still believes grooming is important and to stay this way, he occasionally seems to trim his beard by burning it off over an open flame.

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Locals Have Claimed That…

Locals claimed that he suffered an emotional setback, or a broken heart, as a teenager and decided to spend the rest of his life alone in the wild. There are times when people assume him to be a rock statue, as his skin colour blends with that of the rocks around.


He Does Not Have Anything To Lose!

The villagers who seem to care for him have even built a small room for him, where he seems to reside, and he claims that he is a lot happier than other people who live in large homes with comforts and conveniences, as he does not have anything to lose!

What do you think about him? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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