How Aghori Sadhus And Their Black Magic Works!

India is a country where people can never eradicate certain illogical beliefs and practices. These are the things that people have been believing in for centuries and we are sure it would continue for long.

People tend to believe a lot in Babas and self-proclaimed Gods. There are thousands of believers of these Babas who become famous and run their own business of blessing people and try on gimmicks of fooling the layman.

This article is all about one of the most famous tribe of babas who have been all over India and they are called the Aghori Sadhus/Babas!

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These are the people who are said to practice a lot of black magic and this increases the list of their followers and believers who assume that they are actually blessed!

Find out of the different things that these Babas practice on, which is quite creepy! Read on to know more.


The Sexual Powers!

The Aghori Babas believe that having sex in the midst of dead bodies gives rise to supernatural powers. They consummate with the opposite sex, while there are drums that are beaten hard and the mantras are chanted loudly. They ensure that no women is forced to have sex with them and also that the women must be menstruating while the act goes on. Sounds creepy, right?

They Practice Cannibalism

These Sadhus are famous for their weird eating habits. They enjoy relishing on the "DEAD CORPSES" in the graveyard. They enjoy their meal of eating the corpses, either by eating them raw or cooking them on the burning pyre. It is believed that eating the corpse gives them supernatural powers that can bring them close to Lord Shiva.

They Meditate On The Half-eaten Corpses!

They believe that eating a portion of the dead is enough to come closer to their god. Hence, they are seen meditating on the dead corpses by sitting on the half-eaten corpses. According to them, sitting on the dead bodies can make them achieve divine powers of the world and they also seek answers to things like the life beyond death and many other such mythical beliefs!

When They Call The Dead…

Since they perform various rituals, it is also known that they are famous to even perform black magic! According to them, it gives them the power to heal. It is said that it gives them the power to talk to the dead! They also perform different rituals in the graveyard at night and talk to the dead! They also cover themselves in ashes while doing so.

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The Power Of The Aghoris!

They believe that Lord Shiva is the one who is responsible for all that is happening around them. According to them, he is the one who controls all the conditions and effects. This is one of the reasons as to why even death and dead bodies are perfect and should be accepted and appreciated in some form.

The Ashes Of The Dead Are Used!

They believe that ashes of the dead will protect them from any kind of atrocities. They also believe that covering themselves with ashes of the dead gives them the power to communicate with the dead. According to them, it is a way of how they can easily see what happens after the death of the people.

They Squash The Dead Bodies To Extract Oils

They believe that they have medicines that can treat some of the most stubborn diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. Though none of these medicines work as promised! But the fact is that the medicine they use are mostly made from the dead! They extract human oils from the dead body burning from the pyre and use it as a medicine.

They Drink From Human Skulls!

These Sadhus go in search of human skulls that they use as a bowl. It is believed that after death, the Prana or life force of the deceased clings in the top of the skull. By using certain mantras and offerings, especially alcohol, they summon the spirit to return to the body, and gain control over it.

Why Do They Live Away From Civilization?

They are generally seen living in the rural places and, many a times, in dense forests and in the extreme climatic conditions like the Himalayas. They do not bother about what exactly the society feels about them and they live secret lives without any intention to get social recognition. It is said that they live away from the common man, as they practice black magic.

There Are 5 Protocols That They Follow!

There are five protocols of Aghoris by which they perform magic and reach to the Nirvana stage. They are:
Madya: Wine (which means a heavenly fluid which drips from the glands of the human brain).
Mamsa: Meat (swallowing the tongue).
Matsya: Fish (twin-fish an ‘8' shaped structure which forms a part of the backbone).
Mudra: Parched grain (positions of Kundalini yoga, followed by Aghori ascetics). Maithuna: Sexual intercourse (should be learnt from a Sriguru).

They Use Marijuana To Reach The Nirvana Stage

Marijuana is generally used extensively by the Aghoris to reach to the Gods. Under the effect of the drug, they perform chants and mantras to please the gods. The delusion and hallucinations provided by Ganja makes them experience the religious ecstasies and heightened spiritual satisfaction.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 16:44 [IST]
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