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Why Are There Empty Spaces In Medical Tablets?

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Whenever we see a strip of medicine, we think, "Why are they fooling us with an empty space". Initially when you would have noticed it, you would have thought that the company must have forgotten to fill the medicine, but that is not the actual reason for the empty space.

Here in this article, we are sharing some information about the actual reasons as to why there are empty spaces in medical tablets. There are some meaningful reasons for these empty spaces.


Why Are There Empty Spaces In Medical Tablets?

Most of the tablets do not have these empty spaces, while there are a few out there which have these empty spaces. Wondering if they deliberately do it or do it for fun? Then, find out more about the empty spaces in the medicinal strips that we buy generally.

Reason# 1
Generally people believe that the empty spaces are created to increase the inertness of the tablet by pumping vacuum or inert gases inside the empty spaces.

Reason #2
To keep up the standard size of the packing boxes, the company adds these extra spaces to avoid the extra cost.

Why Are There Empty Spaces In Medical Tablets?

Reason #3
For medicinal strips that consist only one tablet, the content needs to be printed on the back side. So this is one more reason as to why they have these empty spaces.

Reason #4
These extra empty spaces help to avoid breakage and spilling of medicines during transportation. This is one of the most important reasons why these empty spaces are there.


Why Are There Empty Spaces In Medical Tablets?

Reason #5
This is a tricky one where our mind would get fooled by the packing. Extra spaciousness gives a feel that the tablet is worth the cost. But the actual fact is that it does not cost even an extra penny for the special packing!

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