Why Shirt Buttons Are Different For Men & Women

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Have you ever wondered why the shirt buttons are placed on the opposite sides for both men and women? Take a closer look at the shirt buttons of both the types of clothing.

Men usually have shirt buttons on their right, while women tend to have it on their left.

On a lighter note, this may be one of the very few things that men have it right! Well, apart from this, there are a few good reasons for this differentiation of clothing.

Find out more about the interesting reasons as to why there is a differentiation of clothing (specially in case of the placement of buttons) for both the men and women.

Why Are Shirt Buttons Placed Opposite?

We are here to enlighten you about the facts on why the shirt buttons are placed on opposite sides for both men and women, have a look.

Reason #1
Back in the olden days, women were generally dressed by maids who tended to be right-handed. While men had simple clothes and they would dress up by themselves. This can be one of the possible reasons why there is a differentiation like this.

Reason #2
During the war time, men used to have swords on their right hand and unbuttoning the shirt using their left hand was easy for them, while, on the other hand, women held babies on their left hand which made it easy for breastfeeding. Quite logical, must say!

Possible Reasons For Men's & Women's Shirt Buttons To Be Placed Opposite

Reason #3
Women rode sidesaddle and men rode astride. Women used to sit on sideways and men sat in an astride way. The buttons on the left side of a woman's shirt helped to reduce the breeze that would flow into their shirts in this position. This could be another reason why women have buttons on the left side.

Reason #4
Women wanted to prove that they are equal when compared to men. Their clothing took on most of the features that men had for their clothing. Yet, they still wanted a few minor touches to show that they were in fact different. This could be a reason too, you know!!

Possible Reasons For Men's & Women's Shirt Buttons To Be Placed Opposite

Reason #5
Portraits of Napoleon often depict him with his right hand tucked into his coat. This has been one of the influential reasons for men to have shirt buttons on the right side. Well, now you got your answer, ain't it?

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