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Signs It's Time To Change Your Career

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Being confused about job change is something that goes on in every individual's mind after a point of time where he/she would lack interest due to monotonous tasks. But if you are still confused about when to change your career, then this article should give you a better picture about the decision.

Signs It's Time To Change Your Career

Not enjoying or feeling valuable at work can actually lower our well-being and esteem. This pushes us to hunt for a job change and look for signs that show we need a career change.

Transition may sometimes make us happy and help us take more charge of our life.

Check out some of these interesting Signs to show you need a career change.


Sign #1

When you start looking for weekends more often it is a sure sign to show you need to quit your job. If you have a real difficult time dragging yourself to work each day, it might be time for a change.


Sign #2

When you suddenly realise that you're not passionate about work anymore! You can talk to a therapist or coach, in order to help you find your passions and interests. Trust us, this really works, as sometimes others can see our strength, especially when we are confused.


Sign #3

When you realise that your are not valued for the hard work that you do at work, it's time you said goodbye to your current work! This may make you feel like an underpaid dog! Instead, jot down and analyse the points where you have not got the credit. This gives you a clear picture if you need to go ahead with this kind of work or need a change!


Sign #4

When you have been in an organisation for pretty long and have still not got a change of designation, then it's time to think about a change in this job, as moving out to reach a new level is something that one should do for their career.


Sign #5

When you are too stressed from work, finding difficulty to get reasons to motivate yourself, or finding reasons to take an off unnecessarily, these are some of the signs that can make you think about a career change.


Sign #6

When you feel depressed about your work for every single thing, not taking up responsibility and feeling demotivated at all major points, then this can be another sign to tell, you need a change in career.


Sign #7

If you lack interest in meeting your team members at team outings and always avoid such get togethers, then this can be a definite sign to show you are not happy with your current work and must change your career. Hence, moving out is a better option!

Apart from all these, do you have any reasons as to why you think you need a change of job, then you can share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:51 [IST]
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