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Man Claimed To Have Had No Food Or Water For 70 Years!

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Have you heard about the man who has claimed to have survived 70 long years without food and water? Well, we all assume that this is just a way to get famous around the world.

We are here to share the story of a man named "Prahlad Jani" who is said to have survived without food and water for 70 years.

Though this is something that nobody can believe, as a human body cannot survive without food and water for a very long time, this man claims that he did.

Prahlad Jani was kept in an isolated experiment for 10 long days where the authorities also claimed that he did not have any intake of water or food.

Neither the platelet count fell down nor his health deteriorated! So, find out the interesting case of this man who survived without water and food.


The Man's Introduction...

Prahlad Jani is an Indian sage who has claimed that he has not had food or even water since 1940. He claims to have been living in a cave. He starts his day by meditating and he wakes up at 4 AM in the morning.

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He Underwent Medical Trials...

Since he claimed that he has not had a morsel of food or even drank a drop of water, it did not take long for the medical heads and research teams to check his case and he was experimented twice to check if he really did survive without food and water in 2003 and 2010.


During The 2003 Experiment...

He was kept in an isolated hospital for 10 long days in Ahmedabad. He was not given any food or water to even drink or wash himself.



In the span of 10 days experiment, the doctors say that he passed no urine or stool during the observation, but that urine appeared to form in the bladder. His weight dropped slightly during these days and the doctors had cast some doubt in his claim that he had gone indefinitely without food!


During The 2010 Observations...

He was experimented again this time and with more techniques to track his claims. The research team that included Dr. Sudhir Shah and 35 other researchers from the Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), as well as other organisations that joined hands to experiment on him.


His Movements Were Recorded...

This time they had the surveillance and hidden cameras installed where the Sadhu resided for 10 long days. But, to their shock, his claims turned out to be true, as his body did not show any stress nor was there any drop in his blood platelet level!



A professor named "Dr. Michael Van Rooyen" from Harvard dismissed the observation results as "impossible". He claimed that it would have resulted in liver failure, tachycardia and heart strain.


Feedback From The American Dietetic Association...

Nutrition researcher Peter Clifton is believed to have disagreed with the study results, and has accused the research team of "cheating", by allowing Jani to gargle and bathe, which he did NOT do so!

So, we're still unsure if the claims and the experiments are accurate or not, as the scientists from Austria and Germany had offered to visit India to carry out further research on Jani. So let's just wait and watch!

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