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From Begging On Streets To Studying At Cambridge

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Have you ever heard of stories of young children who spent their childhood begging, but later became the richest people, as their destiny changed? Though there are many cases of poor people making it big, there are a few that will really touch your heart.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the story of a beggar who made it big and he apparently studied in Cambridge and was all set to travel to Italy.

Find out about the guy who has been working really hard and trying to make his own identity known to the world.

Check out the story of Jayavel from the streets of Chennai, India, who became an inspiration for people around the world, especially when you have nothing except your willingness to change your own destiny. Read on to know more...


His Dad Became A Miser...

Jayavel's family had to migrate from Nellore, in the 80s. This was due to a failed crop season. This was the time the fate of his entire family changed.


They Chose Begging As A Living...

The family had a tough time to find a living and hence started begging on the streets of Chennai. They slept on pavements, and when it rained during the nights, they would take protection near shop pavements, until the policemen chased them away.


His Earnings Were Taken Away By His Mother...

Due to the sad state of the family, the mother had turned to an alcoholic addict and all of Jayavel's earnings were taken away from him for her personal expenses. This led Jayavel to have less money for his own expenses.


He Met Uma Muthuraman – His Saviour!

Uma Muthuraman was doing a project on the lives of street kids in Chennai, when she came across Jayavel. She instantly decided to help him and took him under her NGO "Suyam Charitable Trust".


There Started His New Story...

With the funding he got from the NGO, he got proper education and he completed his 12th grade with good marks. This prompted some donors to provide him a free loan amount for his higher grades.


He Then Went On To Clear The Cambridge University's Entrance Exam!

After that, he cleared the Cambridge University's entrance examination and got a seat in Glyndwr University, Wales, United Kingdom. He took up the 'Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering' course to study. This course deals with enhancing the performance of race cars.

And, his mother still lives on streets...

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