Get Married Thrice In This Village!

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A village named "Denganmal" in Maharashtra is just 150 km away from Mumbai and it has a population of just 500 people! In this village, there is a practice which people follow that has not been known to the rest of the world.


In this village, men marry more than once, and they do it on a purpose. If you are wondering what makes these men do this, then they have a reason to do so!

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Here, in this article, we are about to highlight on this practice that these village people have been following. All this is done to get enough water for a household!


The men do not divorce their first wives or they do not die. They are as much present in the household as the newly wed 2nd or even the 3rd wives!

The strangest part is, all these women live cordially with each other; and the main purpose of these weddings is to get water for each household!


During summers, the wells dry up and the cattle die and to add to the misery of the people, the village is also isolated from other villages and has no connectivity with other sources for water.


The nearby wells dry up during the summer, making it difficult for the people to fetch water and hence they walk up to miles together to fetch it.

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They need to walk to and fro for about 12 long hours to fetch a mere 15 litres of water. This hampers the household chores, so to maintain the balance, they marry couple of times.


The more number of people in the house, the more number of pots getting filled. Hence, this helps to maintain the balance of the household chores.

If you have any thoughts or opinions to share about this weird practice, then do share them below in the comment section.

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