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Famous People Who Faced Racial Issues

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Racism is not restricted to only black and white, it can be for any damn thing like religion, looks or just about anything.

Racial discrimination has been an issue since many years and, hardly, anything has been done to curb it. Racists have never spared anybody.

Be it a celebrity or a common man, all have faced discrimination at some point or the other in their lifetime.

In this article, we are here to share the list of famous people who have faced racial issues at some point in their lives.

You would be shocked to know the celebrities who have faced the brunt. So, find out how racists have taken chances to take a dig into the lives of celebrities minus their celebrity status level. Read on to know more.


Shah Rukh Khan

The entire world knows him, yet he was detained at the Newark Libery International Airport in the year 2009 due to his surname. Apparently, his name popped up in the list of computerised alert list.


Shilpa Shetty

Reality show "Celebrity Big Brother" had given extra fame to our beloved lady from her co-contestant Jade Goody who went on to an extent to call Shilpa "Indian Curry" in 2008. The outrage of this discrimination was so much that the show had to be suspended.


Miss America Nina Davuluri

She was crowned the first winner of Indian descent in Atlantic City. The moment she was crowned as Miss America 2014, she was on the receiving end from racists all over America. Few even went on to the extent of tweeting "This is America, not India." Above all, she held her head high during this not-so-happy time.


Priyanka Chopra

Who knew that the very confident lady did face racism while she was studying in Boston? In a recent interview, she claimed to have been a victim of racism by her classmates who called her "brownie" for her tanned look.


Smita Patil

This dusky beauty made men skip their heartbeat with her sensual looks. However, she was highly discriminated for her skin tone and was often called "Kali". She chose to ignore haters and carried herself with grace however.



Rihanna was called names in a Dutch magazine that resulted her in tweeting about the insult. The editor was thrown out of her job immediately and an apology was sent to her.


Kayne West

An 18-year-old lad called Kayne a N***a, and Kim Kardashian as his N***er Lover. Kayne is believed to have punched the guy after a verbal argument.


Oprah Winfrey

A shop assistant in Switzerland refused to show Oprah a handbag, as he felt that she could not afford it! Guess the guy has not seen her show ever!


Andrew Symonds

He was a victim of racial and personal abuse by some crazy Indian fans at a Mumbai stadium when they bombared him with racial taunts and he was even called a "Monkey".

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