Do You Know There Are 7 Types Of Breasts?

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Do you know that there are more ways to describe breasts than just big, small or sagging? Well, there are different types of breasts!

If you're wondering, how many different types of breasts are there, the answer is 7! Here, in this article, we are about to share the pointers on different types of breasts women have.

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Do You Know There Are 7 Types Of Breast?

Women's breasts can be divided into different types based on the measurements. Yeah, little did we know there are actually 7 types, ladies!!

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Having a misfit bra or other bra issues can stress women to such an extent that they would love to go braless, given a chance, most of the times. However, getting to know about the different types of breasts can actually help women to solve this evergreen issue!

Do You Know There Are 7 Types Of Breast?

Check out the different types, here...



These types of boobs are pretty thin and the nipples are pointed downwards. These types of breasts need a push-up bra to show their existence!



Women with these types of breasts have their nipples pointing outward. In this type, it is not about the shape of the breast, but about the direction of the nipple.



Women with these types of boobs are pretty relaxed, as they do not have to worry much. These breasts have their nipples facing downwards.



These types of breasts are wider and are more muscular with lesser tissues. The more a woman does a lifting exercise, the more mass is lost!



These are the breasts all want! Women with these types of breasts can wear anything plunging, as their cleavage is always on the point!



This is one of the most common types of breasts women have. One of the breasts is smaller when compared to the other one. To get an even look, women can wear a padded bra and remove the pad of the one that is larger!



These types of breasts are slimmer at the top and are heavier and fuller at the bottom. These types of boobs look a bit saggy, but can look really sexy with the right type of bra!

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