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Then & Now Pictures Of People Who Stopped Drinking

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Giving up alcohol is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage and will power to give up on drinking if you are an addict. Here are some of the pictures of people who have stopped drinking and have gone sober.


What's so special about these images is that they clearly show the difference on the person's face and how young they look after quitting the vice.

Some of the people in the images below are beyond recognition, as the person looks totally different now! Some of these people shown below have also complemented quitting with exercise.

These images are a powerful reminder as to how alcohol can ruin your body in such a drastic way! Check them out...

Case #1
This man has been sober for just 7 months! Look how good he looks now!

Case #2
This guy has been sober for an entire year! He looks much more fitter now.


Case #3
She has been sober for 8.5 months and woah, the difference sure cab be seen!


Case #4
This guy looks like a total different man and quite happy! He has been sober for just 6 months!

Case #4

Case #5
Woah! We wish nobody becomes an alcoholic! Check this guy, he looks so good after quitting his habit since 1.5 years!

Case #5

Case #6
If giving up alcohol can make one look this hot, then guys, you better start quitting TODAY!! This dude gave up drinking 1.5 years back and see the difference!

Case #7
This man has not been drinking since 300 days! Check out how many pounds he's lost!

Case #8

Doesn't this guy look like a younger version of the guy in the other picture? It's amazing, as it can make you look so young when you decide to quit.

Case #9
She has been sober for a year now and we are running short of words to praise her beauty!


Case #10
And finally! This woman has given up on her alcohol intake for 5 long years and has complemented her workout sessions for looking this gorgeous!

Wow! We are just amazed with these pictures and we're sure, many would think twice to party the next time! Party we shall, but without alcohol!

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2016, 21:43 [IST]
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