Creepy Cases Of Clown Sighting

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In the past few months, there have been reports of creepy stories of clown sightings that have been terrorizing the citizens of America. There have been actual sightings of clowns in 10 different states in the USA. We're only wondering where did all this start from.

From luring women and children to the woods, to chasing people in the woods, these clowns can do anything unexpected. This is just a way of getting attention from the government for their demands to be fulfilled.

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Clown sighting has become a trend these days with people dressing up as clowns and scaring the common man with their scary acts.

So, find out about some of the most scariest and creepiest cases that involve these insane clowns. Since this is a trending fun, the authorities are having a tough time in managing these mad clowns across the states!

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Check out the chilling cases of these unruly clowns who have panicked the citizens of America.


Case #1

There have been reports of groups of clowns jumping in front of cars and dancing. Many frantic calls have been reported, but there have been no arrests made yet, as cops have not been successful in tracing those behind the clown masks.

Case #2

A menacing clown that has been sighted standing at the side of a Florida road can give you total goosebumps! Check out the scary video which a guy shared with the world about his horrible experience


Case #3

A Ohio district school was shut after a clown threatened the students of the school. The clown apparently held a woman from back and threatened her with dire consequences and warned her that he would blow up the school and kill all the kids. Luckily, the alarm blew up and it scared the clown who ran away. No arrests have been made yet even in this case.

Case #4

A woman was chased to her apartment by a clown. Check out the frantic call made by the woman to 911. We're sure even you can feel the fear!


Case #5

A couple posted a photo of sighting a pair of clowns who had frightened an entire town. When cops intervened, they revealed that they had dressed up as clowns to have some fun.

Well, we really don't know when will there be an end to this menace and we only hope this will be put an end to completely and for good!

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