Kissing Your Boss Every Morning Is A Practice Here...

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We're sure most of us are aware of the sexual abuse at work place. But, have you heard about a crazy practice like this where female employees line up every morning just to kiss their boss? Well, such a place does exist!

Here, in this article, we have covered a story where this bizarre practice is being followed. Here the male boss makes the female employees line up in a queue and expects them to greet him with a kiss every single morning.

Would You Kiss Your Boss Every Day?

This is a practice that has been on for quite sometime now at this bizarre work place, and it has been receiving a lot of views with many netizens calling this place "a sick place".


Check out the video where women employees form a line and kiss their boss before they start their day's work.

We wonder what makes these female employees agree to this weird practice, while there have been a few rumours that women who have not agreed to this bizarre condition have been fired.


What would you do if you were hired at a place like this, and is it wise to compromise for the sake of your work? Do let us know in the comment section below...

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