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Bizarre And Unique Musical Instruments

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Listening to music to unwind yourself after a tiring day is the best feeling in the world, which we're sure most of you agree with.

Listening to water ripples or the breeze hitting your window pane can create an excellent type of music.

One does not need the guitar or a piano alone to create music. There are other instruments as well that can create a magical piece of musical tunes.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of instruments that are used to create music.
These are the most unique instruments that are not used commercially; however, they do give rise to some soothing piece of music when played by the musicians.

These are some of the funkiest-looking and craziest-sounding instruments ever to be made which can cause a squeak, honk, buzz, hum, or bray.

Find out more about the most unique musical instruments that we are sure you have not heard of until now. Check them out!!



This is considered as one of the oldest aerophones in the world that is dated back to some 40,000 years! It is a musical instrument that originated from the aboriginal people of Northern Australia. Yes, there are a few people who still play this instrument.



This is a Swedish musical instrument that is composed of 16 strings and 37 keys! Well, yes a lot many keys though! It is considered as the oldest existing instrument today.



This is a wooden box that is used as a percussion instrument. This musical instrument was originally developed by the African slaves in Peru.


Singing Ringing Tree

This is a musical instrument that is made of steel pipes of various lengths and orientations. This instrument was designed by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu.



This instrument became highly famous in Hungary. It is an instrument that has concert-hammered dulcimer, which features a large trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top.


Contrabass Balalaika

This is a Russian folk instrument that was developed in the late 17th century. It has a triangular body and looks like a guitar. It is played with fingers or leather plectrums.



This instrument was invented in 1967. It is an analog stylus-operated synthesiser that was introduced by Brian Jarvis. This is one of the most unique instruments ever to be used to create music.

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