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Amazing Facts About Our Body

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Human body is full of surprises and has incredible functionalities that make up a person. When you learn about these interesting facts about your body, you would be amazed on how creatively our body has been made.

This includes the minute details of how well designed our organs are or how functional our body parts are. Here, in this article today, we shall be sharing some of the most amazing facts about our human body.

When you sit down and give a serious thought on how your body functions, then you might consider how great it actually is. So, knowing about the complexities of our body is quite important that each person should be aware of.

As you read on and find out about more interesting facts on our body, you would be shocked to know how a single cell or molecule is cleverly created and is perfectly placed in our system for a smooth functioning.

So, have a look at these mind-boggling facts on our human body and be amazed.


Fact #1:

The cracking sound that you hear when your knuckles, neck and back are cracked is nothing but just the bubbles popping in the joint's fluids. One needs to avoid regular cracking of knuckles and joints, as it can harm the ligaments in the long run.


Fact #2:

The sweat released from our body does not smell. The body odour is actually caused when the bacteria feed on and dwell in the sweat-prone area. Isn't it disgusting!


Fact #3:

Did you know that a single drop of blood contains about 10,000 white blood cells and around 250,000 platelets. Just imagine the number when you count the WBCs present in blood.


Fact #4:

This is an amazing fact that will blow your mind off for sure. Our brain is a wrinkly organ and when it is spread out, it can take the size of a pillowcase and by the age of 6 years, a child's brain will already be 90% of what an adult brain is.


Fact #5:

Liver has the capability to grow back, if some part of it has been removed during a surgery or so. It can even grow to the original size of what it was supposed to be of. Amazing isn't it!


Fact #6:

Did you know that our salivary glands produce up to 6 cups of saliva every single day? This can be roughly calculated to be up to 1.5 litres of saliva per day! WOAH!!


Fact #7:

The cells present in the inner eye, muscle cells of the heart, and also in the neurons of the cerebral cortex are the only cells in the body that stay with us always, unless we die.


Fact #8:

Our body decomposes immediately after 4 minutes of our last breath. This process is known as "self-digestion", in which the enzymes and bacteria decompose the body.

If you have any other interesting facts to be shared on our human body, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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