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Top 10 Celebrity Favourite Perfumes

Perfumes and fragrances are something that are extremely personal. You can hardly have two people agree about the smell of a perfume. So just like we have our choices when it comes to perfumes, so do out favourite stars. Celebrity favourite perfumes are those fragrances that enchant the hearts of superstars.

Many celebrities have fragrances of their own. But their own perfume brands so not always figure among the celebrity's favourite perfumes list. Even after having their own fragrances, some celebrities are totally in awe of certain perfumes. For example, Victoria Beckham just loves Anna Sui even after having her own cosmetic line.

Celebrity favourite perfumes usually get a lot of popularity if they are revealed. For example, Chanelis perfume brand that is definitely a top notch. And particularly Chanel no. 6 is very popular as a celebrity favourite perfume. Many celebrities love this fragrance as the most mesmerising smells ever. Cameron Diaz is one of the famous celebrities who is well known for using this fragrance.

Here are some of the other celebrity favourite perfumes that you may want to keep on your wish list.


Amanda Seyfried: Bvlgari Green Tea

Did you ever think that the smell of green tea could bowl over a maiden like Amanda Seyfried? Apparently Bvlgari Green Tea has been Amanda Seyfried's favourite perfume from her teenage years.


Kim Kardashian: Michael Kors

Kim Kardashian's favourite perfume changes with season. And for winter and autumn she loves Micheal by Michael Kors.


Angelina Jolie: Herrera by Carolina Herrera

Angelina Jolie is stirred by her love for the black colour and her favourite fragrance is Herrera by Carolina Herrara.


Emma Stone: Chanel Gardenia

Emma Stone keeps it vintage and fashionable correct when it comes to perfumes. Her favourite is a Chanel fragrance named Gardenia.


Cameron Diaz: Chanel No. 6

Cameron Diaz makes the most obvious choice when it comes perfumes. She swears by the famous Chanel No. 6.


Emma Watson: Lancome's Tresor Midnight Rose

Emma Watson is the brand ambassador of Lancome. This celebrity's favourite perfume is the Midnight Rose from Lancome. She even boasted of having helped to create it.


Blake Lively: Burberry The Beat

Blake Lively's choice of fragrance is light and yet zippy. That is, she likes the 'The Beat' from Bulberry that is not too strong and yet hangs on to you like a signature.


Rooney Mara: Carnival Wax in Black

Rooney Mara just loves Carnival Wax from Black. And interestingly, she found the smell on all her costumes for 'Girl With A Dragon Tattoo' and asked her dresser for the perfume brand.


Katy Perry: Angel by Thierry Mugler

Katy Perry is a flamboyant celebrity. And this celebrity's favourite perfume is just as zesty as her. She loves Angel by perfumer Theirry Mugler.


Victoria Beckham: Anna Sui

Victoria Beckham has her own line of cosmetics and yet she is totally bowled over by Anna Sui's signature fragrance.

Story first published: Monday, July 1, 2013, 11:35 [IST]
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