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Richest Ganesha Festivals Of India

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that celebrated with much pomp and splendour in India. The main states were Ganapati puja is really big are Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In these 3 states, Ganesh Chaturthi is not just one day but a prolonged series of festivities. Especially in Mumbai, Ganapati puja is a 10 day long festival. The large Ganesha idols are installed on the first day and the immersion happens on the 10th day.

As is true for most festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi also involves a lot of money. The richest Ganesha festivals spend lavishly on the idols, pandals, decoration and the battalion for the Visarjan. Some of the richest Ganesha festivals are also patronised by celebrities and big brands. No wonder they have ample funds and make Ganesh Chaturthi really very grand.

The exact budget of a Ganapati puja committee is never revealed openly. However, looking at the the grandeur, we can easily make a calculated guess as to which are the richest Ganeshas in India. The first is no doubt the famous Lalbaughcha Raja from Mumbai. This Ganeshostav makes the tallest and richest Ganesha idol in Mumbai. But there are other close contenders too.

Here are some of the richest Ganesha festivals in India.


Lalbaugcha Raja

The Lalbaugcha Raja is a Ganesh festival that receives patronage from all the big Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan etc. It is also one of the tallest Ganesha idols in India.


Mumbaicha Raja: Ganesh Galli

The oldest Ganesh festival in Mumbai happens in the Ganesh Galli. This Ganesha festival is more than 85 years old, and the idol this year will be well over 20 feet just like every other year


Avenue Road, Ganesh Festival Bangalore

This is without any scope of doubt, one of the biggest Ganesha festivals of Bangalore. The prime location of Avenue Road gathers many devotees and donations for this grand Ganesha festival in Bangalore.


Girgaoncha Raja, Girgaon Mumbai

The Girgaon area of Mumbai boasts of making some of the tallest Ganesha idols every year. But the highlight of the Ganesha festival is that the idol is made of clay and thus totally eco-friendly.


Dagdusheth, Pune

Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati is one of the most scared Ganesha pujas in India. This tiny Ganesha temple in Pune draws crowds from all over India in these 9 days of festivities.


Bhandarkarcha Raja, Matunga Mumbai

This community puja in Matunga, Mumbai has a very special significance. From the immense amount of donations they get, they feed more that 20 thousand people every year for free.


Khethwadicha Ganraj

This is one of the largest and richest Ganesha festivals of Mumbai. They have the record of making a 35 feet Ganesha way back in 2000. That is still the tallest Ganesha ever made in Mumbai.


APS College Ground, Basvangudi

The large scale Ganesh festival organised on the APS College grounds in Basvangudi is one of the oldest and most quintessential Ganeshostavs in Bangalore.


GBS Samaj Ganeshostav

This is definitely one the richest Ganesha festivals in Mumbai because the throne of Ganapati Bappa is made of 24 carat solid gold!

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