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Things To Do In Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most romantic seasons. It is the warm and chilling season of rain when the kids get all excited to bathe out on the terrace. On this romantic season, you feel like doing different things. Lets check out how you can enjoy the season of rain, monsoon!

What to do in monsoon?

Get wet: Well this is a must do activity in monsoon. Everyone should enjoy the gift of nature; rain! Just loosen yourself and go with the flow of the season. When you see the dark clouds in the sky, get prepared to step out and get wet! Go to the terrace or sit on the balcony. This monsoon activity would be more joyous if you enjoy the rain with your close ones. Your partner, mom, sibling or group of friends can be your best company! If you are driving and suddenly rain pours down, open your windows and let the water splatter inside. You car can be washed in the garage but the fun would be ultimate!

Sleep and sleep: A lazy raining day can be made more peaceful by taking out some time for yourself. If it is a holiday, you should definitely try this. Get up late and have a light breakfast. Go back to sleep. The weather has its affect on the mood. Dark clouds and chilling breeze induces sleep and makes you feel lazy the whole day. Working professionals get less time to have a proper sleep so, make use of this free time on a lazy rainy day!

Wear lose trousers and walk: Sometimes it is fun to go back to childhood. Instead of thinking that full pants or skirts can get mud stains post rain, you should think of spoiling them with stains. Stains can go off from your clothes with a strong detergent or by laundry. The happiness of living as a young child would not come again and again. Walking in a water lodged alley will be the most amazing thing. It is dirty but natural! So, wear slippers, lose pants and see how water drifts away your fabric on the ankle.

Making Paper Boats: Does your area get water logged in the rains? Well that is bad for traffic but good for you. On a day when it really pours down from the heavens and turns your street into a pool, go back to your childhood days. Make paper boats and see them sail away in the water logged streets!

Pool party: This is another must do activity in the monsoon. Call your friends when you see the weather is all set to bring some fun activities around. Organise a pool party and just take a dip in the pool when it is raining. Being in a pool of water plus having rain water droplets pouring all over you is mind blowing! You will feel the difference between pool and rain water. Pool water will be warm but rain water is chilled. Wind will add a special effect to the swimming activity.

Apart from getting involved in these activities, you should not forget to munch on some monsoon special dishes. Yes! I am talking about fried pakoras and masala tea!

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Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2012, 16:13 [IST]
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