5 Spooky Haunted Places In Delhi

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The capital of India has more to offer than you would imagine. Delhi has the best roads in the country, it is a food lover's paradise and also has some of the top haunted places in India. A Delhite might be shocked to know that Delhi has quite a few haunted places. After all, Delhi is an ancient city. It was the royal seat of the Mughals and also the British capital of India. It is the old heritage buildings of Delhi that make great haunting places for ghosts.

Jokes apart, there have been several reports of ghost sitings in some areas of the capital like Delhi Cantt. Let us take a look at the spookiest haunted places in Delhi and the vengeful souls that haunt them.

Haunted Places Delhi

1. Delhi Cantt: This is the most beautiful and greenest stretch of Delhi. That also makes it the creepiest of places to ride alone. Many people have reported that a lady dressed in white hitchhikes on this road. If you give her a lift, she suddenly disappears after some time! May be her favourite book during her lifetime was 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy'!

2. Khooni Darwaza: The name itself suggests that the place is eerie. The Britishers stripped and shot the 3 surviving sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar here after crushing the Sepoy mutiny. The 3 Mughal princes still haunt this doorway and wait to avenge their public humiliation. So if you are English, keep out of this haunted place in Delhi!

3. Jamali-Kamali Masjid: No, Jamali and Kamali are not the name of ghosts. They were two noble Sufi saints who were buried in the tomb here. But some jihns do haunt this tranquil masjid. If you visit this haunted spot, you could expect to be slapped by invisible hands and chased by the wind. This haunted place in Delhi is always avoided during the night time.

4. Sanjay Van: The lone forest area in Delhi has not been spared by the restless spirits of the city. This forest is famous for its old and winding banyan trees. Many hikers have reported seeing a lady dressed in white walking among the old banyans and disappearing suddenly. If you see the 'White Lady', please tell her to get out of that white toga; it is becoming such a cliche for ghosts.

5. Lothian Cemetery: This is the oldest burial ground for Christians in Delhi with graves dating back to the 1700s. And it has a whole menagerie of ghosts to offer. The headless ghost is one of the most popular ones. In his lifetime, he was a young soldier who was spurned by his beloved and blew his head. Now he walks with his head in his hands on moon-less nights. Many people have also seen a child carry a bier move around this ancient cemetery.

These are some of spookiest haunted places in Delhi. Have you been to these places? Which are the top most haunted places you have visited in your life?

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 12:00 [IST]
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