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Exotic Foods That You Must Try!!

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Foodies love to explore the authentic dishes around the world. From several cuisines, there are many dishes that makes it a speciality. For example, pastas are a must have dish if you want to try Italian cuisine. Similarly, every country or cuisine has some special dishes that every foodie must try once. Which are these? Find out...

6 exotic foods to try before you die:

Exotic Foods

Zucchini flowers: This is an authentic Italian recipe. Be it pan fried or stuffed, zucchini flowers are a lip smacking dish. It is an exotic food to try before you die. The soft yellow zucchini flowers are stuffed with Mozzarella cheese. The Italian spices make it a yummy dish. A must try!

Barbeque Ribs: A special dish that is very famous in USA. Non-vegetarians love to eat BBQ dishes. You can make ribs with beef or pork. Whatever be the meat, you would love to eat the spicy BBQ ribs. Pork ribs are a hot pick and you must try this dish in USA.

Masala Dosa: This Indian dish has been voted under the 'Top 10 Foods to Try Before You Die'. According to a list compiled by the Huffington Post, a traveller must have masala dosa once in a lifetime. The paper thin pancake is made with rice and has a stuffing of mashed potatoes.

Pavlova: It is an innovative dessert; a speciality of New Zealand. Named after the Russian Ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, this dessert is also famous in Australia. In both the Australian and New Zealand cuisines, the Pavlova is a meringue; a dessert associated with French and Swiss cuisine. Made with whipped egg whites, this dessert is a must try!

Century Egg: This is a Chinese dish that every foodie should try once. The yummy dish is prepared with duck, chicken or quail eggs and rice. It takes three months to prepare this dish and so, it can be expensive on your pocket. But, if you visit China, do not forget to eat century eggs.

Laksa soup: It is a soup and is one of the hot picks in the seafood menu. Originating in Malaysia, this is another dish that a traveller must try before he/she dies. Voted under the 'Top 10 Foods to Try Before You Die' listed by Huffington Post. Laksa soup is a noodles soup that is famous in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It is also made in north-eastern states of India like Assam.

These are few exotic dishes to try before you die. All cuisines have some special dishes and these are few of them. There are many more. A glutton just needs an excuse to eat yummy food!

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