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Father Figures In Popular Culture

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Father Figures In Popular Culture
Sometimes, ties of the heart and matching of wits gains precedence over blood relations. Why do we call priests as 'Fathers'? It is because the word 'father' encompasses all the emotions like trust, respect and undying love together. So a father figure is someone, who is not your father by birth, but has gained the respect by virtue of their deed.

There have been many people in history and fiction, who have become famous for their fatherly countenance. These are both real people and fictional characters. On Father's Day, let us recall all the historical father figures we know of.

Popular Father Figures: Father's Day Special

Mahatma Gandhi: It is not for nothing that we call him the Father of the Nation in India. This contribution to the Indian freedom struggle was not the only thing that earned him this title. He looked upon all Indians as his own children. There are many examples of this fatherly affection. For example, he was fond of saying that ' Jawarhar Lal Nehru was his fourth son' (he had 3 natural sons).

The God Father: The word god father literally means someone who will take care of you when your father is not around. Who would be better to carry out the role of the historical Vito Corleone than Marlon Brando, the Godfather of Hollywood himself. The Italian mafia Don who runs an industry of organised crime has become immortal in our memories as the champion of the Latino- Americans.

Sirus Black: The dark and brooding wizard from Harry Potter series has captured everybody's imagination. Sirius Black was Harry Potter's father's best friend and his legal godfather. He was what the gifted and orphaned wizard ever got to a father. Although their relationship is far more candid than a father son relationship, it is endearing. His death had a profound effect on the character of Harry Potter and was a turning point in the fantasy series.

Charlie Cullen: Coming from wizards to vampires, fantasy fiction seems to be incomplete without father figures. The father son relationship that has been shown in between Edward Cullen and his adopted father Dr. Charlie Cullen is touching. So is Dr. Cullen crusade to adopt stray vampires and turn them vegetarian.

The best thing about having a father figure that you can tell him what you what you cannot tell your real father. But you still get the right advise. So don't forget to wish your father figures along with your father this Father's Day!

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Story first published: Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:28 [IST]
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