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6 Most Bizarre College Degrees!

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Bizarre College Degrees
Can you imagine getting a college degree for lawn moving for bowling? Do not be surprised if you meet someone who is a major in golf turf management because there is one! Some the coolest and the best college majors can be done in weirdest of the weird subjects. If you are some one who does not want a typically set career profile then there is no harm in having some fun with an unusual education.

Here are some the most bizarre college degrees you can get these days and the institutions that provide them.

The Most Bizarre College Degrees:

1. Bowling Industry Management: The fact that it is a 'management' course just takes the cake. They are not producing pin monkey's but serious management professionals! This course offered in Vincennes University in the state of Indiana in the US offers a course in Bowling Management. Basically they teach you the instrumentation of the pin set and the bowling lanes. So they are not promising to make you a bowling champ, go to the sport bars for that!

2. Turf And Golf Course Management: Stifle those giggles, do you know how much of hard work goes into keeping those golf turf you see behind tiger Woods green? There sure is science and hard core science like botany, chemistry etc involved in it. It is a comprehensive course and what all need to be done for a professional green turf at the University of Maryland.

3. Equine Studies: At least this one is not management and it is some serious science. Horses are expensive and only the rich and famous buy them. So this could be a very lucrative career profile. If you concentrate on horse ridding then you will end up being a instructor to some millionaire's kids. If you take up the science part of it then you will be a horse breed connoisseur.

4. Blacksmithing: In the true spirit of the phrase, 'dignity of labour' Southern Illinois University has introduced one of the best college majors in blacksmithing. But you are not just working with iron here . You get to handle lots of precious metals like platinum and gold so you might end up as a jewellery designer in the end.

5. Comedy Studies: All the bizarre college degrees that we are talking about are funny but this one is the funniest. The Southampton Solent University decided to crack a joke 3 years back by starting this course for those who want to purse a career as comic artists.

6. Adventure Education: What an adventurous way to have an unusual education! This is one of the best college majors for adrenaline junkies. In Green Mountain College in Poultney you get a graduation degree in mountaineering, backpacking, river rafting, camping in difficult terrains etc. Guess what their assignments would be like, 'Go for a 3 day camping trip to California'!

These the weirdest of the weird college degrees that you can probably get and still call yourself a graduate.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 17:36 [IST]
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