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Worlds Tallest Model For Playboy

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Amazon Eve
The world's tallest model. Amazon Eve is reportedly going to get down and naughty in the next segment. Amazon who is 6'8'' tall in height is all ready to pose nude for Playboy, The model herself states," Sure I would do Playboy. I would need to reduce my muscle mass and soften up a bit, but Hefner is the only one I would pose nude for, because he does it so tastefully."

Amazon Eve, who is regarded as the World's Tallest Model, hails from Turlock, CA, from where many think that she is a male, but Amazon Eve rubbishes all reports stating that she was born female as per the birth certificate.

Posing for Playboy, this world's tallest model, Amazon Eve feels delighted and lucky to be given such an opportunity. The model herself states that being a part of this fund-raising event has made her feel special. The world's tallest model who attended the charity even said earlier that those who attended dressed up in their best lingerie and if she would have known earlier she too would have 'dressed appropriately". But, don't think this Amazon did not enjoy herself because she did with all the bunnies sized up next to her thinking of her to be a stripper pole.This World's Tallest Model, Amazon Eve rose to fame when she appeared on the cover of a Zoo Weekly in the year 2009 and ever since that day she has got the best publicity, since she became very successful.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 15:22 [IST]
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