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World Sight Day 2019: Famous People With Visual Impairments

There is a famous Iranian proverb that says, "A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind." 10 October marks World Sight Day and every year it is celebrated to draw attention on blindness and visually impaired people. Therefore, we have listed 12 legendary personalities and celebrities who didn't allow their visual impairment to interfere in the way of their dreams.

We certainly live by examples and therefore, their lives have inspired millions to have a positive approach towards life and have a vision without sight.

  1. Helen Keller: A great writer and socialist of the eighties, Helen Keller suffered from visual impairment her whole life but still created waves as a lecturer, political activist, women's suffrage and a great writer for several generations. Helen was the first writer in the history who was both deaf and blind but still known as an iconic and extremely powerful person.
  2. Johnny Depp: A megastar of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Johnny Deep is blind from his left eye and has myopia in the other. But he had defied his visual defect and never let it come between his success.
  3. Louis Braille: Many people are unaware of the fact, but Louis Braille is the one who enabled blind people to read letters and enjoy the story by inventing Braille writing. The man had literally transformed the world of people who are visually-challenged and led them to education by reading and writing.
  4. Surdas: He was the famous musician, poet and blind saint of the fifteenth century who was also known as a 'king of melody' due to his thousand melodious songs composed during the time period of emperor Akbar. Surdas was blind from birth and was even abandoned by his parents due to his visual disorder.
  5. Mansoor Ali Khan: This man was a legendary cricketer and the father of famous Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. In the year 1961, he became disabled from his right eye after a car accident. Mansoor never let his one defective eye come between his dreams as he played and won several matches just by his one good eye. That's why he was regarded as a man who has an eye of a tiger.
  6. Mila Kunis: Who doesn't know this beautiful-eyed American actress Mila Kunis from 'Friends with Benefits' and 'Bad moms' movies. Well, little did anyone know that the actress is blind from one eye due to which she also suffered blurred vision, chronic iritis, cataract and inflammation of the iris.
  7. Ravindra Jain: A renowned and award-winning music director for his songs in the movie 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili', Ravindra Jain is blind from birth but never let his blindness obstruct his dream of becoming a singer. In spite of visual impairment, Ravindra became a legendary musician, lyricist and singer of the seventies.
  8. Casey Harris: A keyboardist of X Ambassadors rock band, Casey Harris was born with a genetic disorder that has affected his retina and caused him blindness. As gene of music was in the family, Casey discovered the art of music in himself and went ahead to become a famous keyboardist without his visual being a barrier.
  9. Galileo Galilei: A master of mathematics, a great physicist and a well-known philosopher, Galileo Galilei experienced blindness due to cataracts and glaucoma at age 68. This greatest astronomer of all the time has gifted the world Galilean moons with his telescopic ability and sad that he himself become blind later.
  10. Alice walker: One of America's most beloved author, Alice walker accidentally lost her right eye when she was eight. The trauma of her blindness had made her come with a book named 'The Color Purple' which later won several awards including National Book Award in 1983.
  11. Ashish Goyal: A man with no sight but extreme vision, Ashish Goyal is known as the world's first blind trader. Due to a degenerative eye disease called 'retinitis pigmentosa', he completely lost his eyesight. Ashish was awarded 'India's National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities' in 2010 for his decade of experience in the financial market and social work for underprivileged children of India.
  12. Esref Armagan: Imagine a painter without eyesight! Esref Armagan, a blind painter in the history of picture-making is well-known all over the world for his visual perspective and pictorial skills. He was born to a poor family but still lived his dream of becoming a painter. Esref's work was displayed in more than twenty exhibitions and he also used to appear on the BBC and several tv shows.