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Courteney Cox: Coco Is My No. 1 Priority

Courteney Cox had stated that she is protective about her husband but her number one priority will always be her daughter. In a recent interview, the Cougar Town actress stated that her 6-yr-old daughter CoCo will never be affected by her and David Arquette's relationship, regardless they are together or not.

“She"s our number one priority. No matter what happens, she"ll be OK because she knows that she is completely safe, loved, and we"ll protect that more than anything in the world," added Courteney Cox.

Courteney Cox, who recently announced her separation with partner David Arquette, stated that she has no idea about what the future would be. The 46-yr-old admitted that she is very protective and has strong feelings for David, who was in rehab for alcoholism.

Speaking on her current life, Courteney Cox said that she has no plans to date and even admitted that she is still not sure about how to start with her life.

“I have no desire right now. I"m not saying never; it just seems weird. I don"t even know how that would happen or how you meet people. I don"t like to go out. I"m not great at small talk … I don"t like to go to parties," said Courteney Cox.

“There"s a sign on my forehead: exiting social life, entering into isolation." added the actress.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 10:56 [IST]
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