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Sarah Jessica Parker On Aging And Twins

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, in a shocking revelation, is against the idea of getting plastic surgery. The 45-yr-old actress, of "Sex And The City Star" fame, has said that she would not go under the knife to fight the aging process. Recently a website had commented Sarah Jessica Parker , who is known for a hot body and an amazing sense of style, as looks much older than her age. The superstar who raises three kindergarten children with her actor husband Matthew Broderick says there's nothing she can about her aging.

“I don"t know what I can do about aging," December issue of Elle quoted Sarah Jessica Parker as saying.
“Yes, I am aging. Oh my God, I"m aging all the time. It"s like those flowers that wilt in front of you in time-lapse films.

“But what can I possibly do? Look like a lunatic?"

Parker, who opened up to Elle about her family, said that raising Marion and Tabitha, the twin girls she and Broderick welcomed via surrogate in June 2009 is the big job ahead of her.

“Meeting them is hard to describe," Sarah Jessica Parker said.

"Everything is suspended. I can"t even tell you what other sounds were in the room."

About the resemblance between her son and the two twin girls, Sarah Jessica Parker said

“I loved them immediately, but everything, their size, the shape of their heads, the color of their hair, their noses, their eyes, was new to me. They looked surprisingly different from my son James Wilkie, which I wasn"t expecting".

Story first published: Friday, December 3, 2010, 12:10 [IST]
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