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Reasons Why Your Pet Is Not Eating

By Sneha

Pet owners are accustomed to their pets instantly gobbling off the food as soon as it is offered to them. Hence, it is obvious for people to be bothered when their pets do not eat their meals.

A number of times pets skip a few meals only to resume after some time; however, if this goes as long as for more than 24 hours, then there is certainly a problem and a reason why your pet is not eating, which definitely needs to be checked from a vet.

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Well, this problem of lack of appetite is termed as Anorexia; however, Anorexia in pets is different from that in humans, i.e., anorexia nervosa is a condition in animals that could occur due to a number of reasons.

The problem can be medical or even psychological and, at times, may need instant consideration, which otherwise may subside on itself in some time.

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In pets, anorexia leads to a complete loss in appetite, which takes a toll on their health conditions. There are certain things you must do if you think your pet might be suffering from this problem.

Keep an eye on their eating patterns and if you do find a refusal to eat, then here are certain points to tell you what to do if your pet is not eating, have a look.


1. Careful While Feeding Pets Human Food:

While giving your pet treats of human food, keep in mind that it is not more than 20% of the complete diet. We often do not think twice before offering our pets the scrapings and the left-overs and pets begin to like human food more than the pet food, and thus, begin to resist eating it.


2. Human Food May Cause Tummy Aches:

Eating more of human food can also cause digestive distresses in animals. Spicy food, too much sweet and dairy can actually lead to tummy aches or diarrhoea in cats and dogs. This is another reason your pets might just stop eating their food.


3. Dental Problems Also Need To Be Checked:

Another possible reason why your pet is not eating is problems in the pet's gums and tooth. It is also a problem we might not often consider as a reason behind their lack of appetite; however, dental problems can cause inconvenience in chewing the food. Thus, make sure that the vet also checks for mouth problems to avoid this from happening.


4. Change In Routine Might Stress Them:

A simple change in the routine of animals can get them stressed and thus lead them to not eat properly. So, make sure that any change you want to make, try to bring it gradually.


5. Ageing Might Be A Reason:

If you have an ageing dog, then its inability to eat will not be surprising. The problems that arise due to them ageing needs to have remedies. In this condition, you need to seek a vet's opinion and bring about some changes in the pet's diet for his ease in eating.


6. May Be A Behavioural Problem:

Sometimes, one of your pets not eating may be a reaction to the presence of other pets in the house. It is a behavioral problem and can be dealt by leaving the pet alone while eating.


7. Intestinal Worms May Be Causing The Issue:

Intestinal worms can also cause anorexia in pets. To save your pet from such worms, you must ensure to keep them safe from unsanitary conditions, crowding, stressful environments, low quality of pet foods or even an improper quantity of pet foods.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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