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Strange Facts About Your Pet Cat

Do you own a pet cat at home? If you do, are you aware of certain facts about your cat which can be quite surprising? If you own a pet cat and not aware of certain facts about them, here are some cat facts which you need to go through.
These cat facts which have been listed below are interesting and shocking as well! Looking after a pet cat is not that easy as looking after a pet dog. The simple reason being that pet dogs are much more expressive than a domestic cat! Our domestic cats have different features which differ widely from breed to breed. But there are some things which they have in common like a soft coat of fur, retractable claws and a short snout. One of the best abilities of your pet cat is their hunting tricks, which is spectacular in nature.

Those who have owned pet cats for years, should be knowing some of these facts about them. Many facts about cats are familiar because this animal is such a popular pet. However there are a few little known facts that I am sure will surprise even the most experienced cat lover. Lets take a look at some of these facts about your pet cat.

1. Although these domesticated pets are calm and the best to look after. It is said that around 40,000 people are bitten by their pet cats in the United States on a yearly basis.
2. If you notice your pet cat rubbing against you, there is an explanation to it. It is said that a cat rubs against people to not only be affectionate. But, to mark its territory with scent glands which is present around its face.
3. Do you know why cats hate water? They hate water because their soft fur cannot insulate well when it is wet. However, there is one particular breed of cat in the States called as the Turkish Van. This cat who loves to swim has a unique texture which makes it water resistant.
4. Your pet cat has better eyesight than you. It is said that a cat can see in a much dimmer light than us humans. But, one disadvantage about the cat's eyesight is that they cannot see colour. A fact about your pet cat is that they see grass as the colour red not green!
5. Every cat owner would wonder why a cat often leaves your home and after days returns without getting lost. This strange act of the cat is called 'psi-travelling'. Experts say that cats use the angle of the sun's rays to find their way back home.
6. You may find your kittens sleeping right through the day. The only reason why they sleep so much is because of their growth hormone which is released during their sleep.
7. Just like how we humans have unique fingerprints on each finger, your pet cat has a unique pattern on his nose pad. Strange cat fact right?
8. Cat owners often think that their pet cat can eat anything. It is very essential to keep a track on what food your cat eats. Foods containing garlic, onions, green tomatoes, chocolate and grapes should not be added to your cat's diet. A strange cat fact is that of you feed your cat with canned tuna it will cause malnutrition. Milk too can cause an upset stomach and gas.
9. One of the strangest cats facts is that cats can detect an earthquake even before a human can detect it on a ritcher's scale. Cats are very sensitive to vibrations.
10. To know if your cat is in a bad mood, notice its tail swishing around recklessly.
11. One of the greatest and strange cat fact is that their urine glows in the night. So the next time you see something glowing on your kitchen or living room floor in the night. You know the answer!
12. Cats love to squeeze themselves in all possible holes and crevices. They use their whiskers to determine if the space is too small for them to fit through.

These are some of the cat facts that is essential for every cat owner and cat lover to be aware of.

Story first published: Friday, July 26, 2013, 18:03 [IST]
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