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11 Types Of Allergies In Humans That You Should Know About
Everyone suffers from allergies at one point or the other in their lives. Allergies are over-reactions of the immune system in certain people to seemingly and generally harmless foreign proteins and substances. Allergies occur when a person is exposed to ...
Types Of Allergies In Humans That You Should Know

Stepwise Guide For Cat Eye Makeup
Cat eye makeup is dominated by the eyeliner yet requires other beauty products for that perfect diva look. In the cat eye makeup, the eyeliner must start very thin from the nasal corner of the eye and move out towards the ...
Strange Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Are dogs better than cats or is it vice versa? The debate has always been going on will continue to do so. There will never be an end to this because not all people think alike. It all depends upon the ...
Strange Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Strange Facts About Your Pet Cat
Do you own a pet cat at home? If you do, are you aware of certain facts about your cat which can be quite surprising? If you own a pet cat and not aware of certain facts about them, here are ...
The Loudest Cat Jumps Into The Guinness Records
Cat is a common pet and also one of the most friendly animals. As you enter your home after a long day the sweet cat's purr sooth's away all your tiredness but what if your cat purr's at 92 decibels? A ...
Cat Loudest Purr Records 220211 Aid
World's Longest Cat - Stewie
It is strange but true! The world's tallest human being has made a great mark in history. The time has now come for the Worlds longest cat, a Maine Coon, who goes by the name of Stewie. A domestic animal and ...
Get Rid Of 'Feline Alopecia' In Cats
“Feline Alopecia” is a common disorder that is usually found in cats. They tend to bite themselves and feel very uncomfortable due to the itchiness. This feline disorder is hair fall in cats and it may be symptomatic of various ...
Prevent Cat Hair Loss
Give Your Pregnant Cat Extra Attention
Is your cat acting strange for a couple of days now? If so , it is advisable to take your cat to a veterinary. She might be pregnant!This stage of the cat is very delicate as she will be going through ...
Tips On Cat Health
Cats suffer some common health problems but if these problems are not recognized in time it can be fatal. Cats as good as pets but at the same time they have a habit of loitering outside home. On their stroll they ...
Tips Cat Health
Avoid Treating Your Cat With These Foods
Do you have a new kitty at home and confused as to what to feed the little pet? Well you should know that there are certain things that you should avoid feeding them. Cats are carnivores and need to eat meat. ...
Is Your Dog Right-Handed?
Did you know that cats, dogs, parrots and even fish are right or left handed? Surprised, aren't you? That's what a new study by Canadian researchers say.Researchers from the Queen's University examined 42 pet cats for several weeks to come up ...
Animals Right Left Handed
Are Pets Dangerous?
Pets are known to be a man's true companion but a new study suggests that dogs and cats are a lurking household danger, causing all kinds of injuries related to falls.The researcher said that most of the accidents took place while ...
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