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Viral: Cats' Funny Reactions To Cat-Face Filter On Their Owners' Faces Will Keep You LOLing All Day

If you are familiar with Snapchat and Instagram, then there is a high possibility by now you have experimented with the funny filters to make your video interesting and shocking (in a funny way) at times. While some filters beautify and smoothen your appearances, others can really make you laugh out loud. Some people are so obsessed with these filters that they keep using them every now and then. And this can become a total nightmare for your pets.

One such filter is the cat-face filter and even though you will keep LOLing throughout the day, no it is not funny for your cats, rather it is shocking for them and may trigger a weird reaction. Be prepared your furry friend may even attack you out of curiosity.

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If you go through this video posted by a user on Twitter, you will find it quite funny. In this video, you will find that different pet owners trying to record their cats' expressions after watching them (read people) in cat-face filters.

One can clearly see, the cats are getting shocked after seeing the face of their owners which seems like a cat on the screen. One of the cats ran from the owners' lap and the other tried bitting after seeing the cat-face of their owner, thinking 'this is someone else'.

Check out what happens when you take these cat-face filters seriously. And if you decide to take it a little further and record the reaction of your cat, only God can save you.

Those who love animals will relate to how adorable it is to have them around. It is their sweet behaviour and cute funny activities that add bonus points in having them in our lives. So, if you have a cat then too can try using this filter and watch your cat reacting to it.

We hope you find the video entertaining and helpful enough in forgetting your stress for an instance.

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