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Non Aggressive Aquarium Fish For Fish Lovers!


Are you interested to have a community of non aggressive aquarium fish in your tank? There are different kinds of fish which you can bred at home. But you need to be careful as to what kind of fish you are rearing with the delicate ones. Aggressive fish is usually dangerous and looking after them can be quite a hassle for any one. Therefore, many turn to non-aggressive fish which are the best and safer option to have a full tank of lively fish.

They say rearing fish can help you with a lot of health problems especially if you rear non aggressive fish. There are a number of tropical fish which is available for you to purchase at any store. Tropical non aggressive fish are beautiful and peaceful in nature. They provide a stress-free life to the owner.Looking after tropical non aggressive aquarium fish you are bound to take it easy when it comes to cleaning tanks.

If you are a beginner and want to rear a handful of good bred of tropical non aggressive aquarium fish, there here is the list of fish you should consider buying. If you have children, then these fish adds to the joy of your home.



The beautiful and delicate angelfish is non aggressive! This aquarium fish can be kept in a community without any hassle. However, it should not be placed with fish that are fast swimmers as angelfish are nervous with just about everything.



The guppy fish is yet another non aggressive aquarium fish which is loved by children. The black guppy are considered to be a lucky Chinese charm if you place it with 8 gold fish. This guppy should be kept in moderate temperatures for its long life.


Neon Tetra

The neon tetra looks magnificent when a light is placed in the aquarium. The Neon Tetra emits a glow from its body and fascinates both adults and children. When you have this non aggressive aquarium fish, make sure that you have lots of plants in the tank, as they like to hide themselves.



This is the ideal fish for beginners. If looked after well and in suitable conditions, the goldfish can live for up to 20 years. It is best to keep this non aggressive aquarium fish alone with other types of goldfish.


X-Ray Fish

It is commonly known as the 'inside out' fish. The fascinating thing about the x ray fish is their internal organs which is very visible. The x ray fish is safer with its own community, cause they tend to eat fish which is smaller than them.


Zebra Danio

This non aggressive aquarium fish are easily bred. These fish have fluorescence which is easily visible if light is passed through it. The Zebra Danio also comes in different colours like that of neon bright stripped pink and blue.


Elephant Nose

Originating from the Niger river, the elephant nose fish resembles the big grey animal in a lot of ways. This fish shares the same colour and has the same trunk just like an elephant. This non aggressive aquarium fish should be fed with live worms and algae.


Banjo Catfish

This Banjo Catfish is the ideal fish to bred at home as it is available right through the year. If you are looking after a Banjo Catfish make sure that surrounding is clear from aggressive fish.



Did you ever watch a glofish pass through the light in your aquarium. If you haven't, then you should. Did you also know that a Glofish was bred to help detect environmental pollutants. Scientists added a natural fluorescence gene to the fish to determine when a waterway is contaminated.


Ram Cichlid

This plant loving fish is one of the best non aggressive aquarium fish you can have in your bowl or tank. Although this fish might look easy to maintain, it is vice versa. To look after a Cichlid you need to have a lot of patience, since it needs extra care.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 11:26 [IST]