Does Your Pet Feel Hot In The Car?

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Does your pet love car drives with the family? Most pets do, but while you go for a drive with your pet you must know certain basic aspects of car travel. The most important of these is the fact that the temperature in a cloistered car can adversely affect your pet's health. Yes, most pets feel hot in the car and an astounding number of dogs die every year due to heart strokes.

A heatstroke usually is a combination of humidity and heat. You think you are protecting your pet by keeping them in the car but in reality, cars are death traps for your pets. To travel safely in a car with your pets you must follow these standard rules.

Pets In Cars

Pets & Car Travel Rules:
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. There are mainly two reasons for this. First of all, your pets do not like being left alone in the car when you do your errands. They might have stayed home in that case. Pets get lonely very easily and that is bad for them psychologically.
  • The second reason for not leaving your pets alone in the car is more sinister. Pets feel hot in a parked car. As has been mentioned above, parked cars are like death traps for pets who die of heatstroke very easily. Even on a slightly sunny day, the temperature inside a parked car can go well above 100 degrees! So if you are planning a long shopping trip where your dog cannot accompany you, leave him or her at home.
  • The third less eventuality of accidents is less probable but equally fatal. There have been cases of kids dying in parked cars because the air conditioned burst and gave out toxic gases. The same can happen to your pet in the car. A big and strong dog can also displace the handbrake or some other vital gear of the car to cause accidents. Pets get very restless in the cramped space of car if they are left alone.
  • Do not allow your pet to crane their necks outside the car window and enjoy the breeze. If your pet is feeling hot, turn up the car air-conditioning. Many pets are seen craning their necks outside the car window to see all the interesting things around. Just like you do not let your kids stretch their hands outside the window, don't allow your pets to stretch their necks. This can cause a fatal accident if a car behind you over speeds.

When ever you are traveling in a car with your pet, carry a dog seat (special pet seat). Once you buckle in your pet, traveling will be safer for all.

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