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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs A Sweater

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Many people find the idea of making a dog wear a sweater or clothes for that matter, scoff worthy. However, they are not real dog lovers. And facts support the fact that dogs do get cold in winter. During very harsh winters, some dogs shiver all night because they are not adapted to the lower temperatures. In such cases, there is no harm in making dog wear a sweater. In fact, it is a necessity.

You may argue that dogs have their own heating mechanism. How is it possible that stray dogs and wild canines sustain in the cold weather? The answer is quite simple. It is all situational. Not all dog breeds can withstand cold weather. If you take a tropical dog like pariah to sub zero temperatures it will probably die of cold. Each one is adapted to a basic atmosphere. You may have noticed that dog breeds from hilly regions have a thicker coat of fur.

Moreover, it also depends on the kind of upbringing you give the dog. If your dog is used to sweaters from a young age, he or she will feel cold without it. Just suppose you have been used to sleeping under a blanket all your life. One fine day, the blanket is taken away, can you manage without it? No, you can't and even if you can, you will suffer. It is the same way with your dogs in winter.

Also, aged dogs and puppies need more protection against the cold. As a dog ages, the fat deposits under his/her skin wanes. That is why, a sweater for your old dog is even more essential. Puppies are like newborn babies; they need to be kept warm by their mothers. If the mother is absent and its winter, it is your duty to cover up the puppy with warm clothes.


Oh Its Just A Puppy!

Puppies are like newborn babies. They need warmth, especially in the winter.


Warm Weather Dogs

Not all dogs are suitable for cold weather. A chihuahua for example is a warm weather dog.


Dogs That Are Pampered

Some dogs do not learn to subsist in cold weather because the are too much pampered. Think of Paris Hilton's lap dogs as illustrations.


Peeing In The Snow

Your dog has to go out to relieve itself even if its snowing. In that case, any dog would need warm clothes.


Dogs With Little Fur

Not all dogs have a thick fur coat to protect them against the cold. If its a harsh winter, it makes sense to dress them up in sweaters.

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Story first published: Friday, November 16, 2012, 13:51 [IST]
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