7 Most Aggressive Fish For Your Tank

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We think of fish as docile creatures who have a calming effect on us. But in reality, some aggressive fish can shock you with their wayward behaviour. Just like human beings, the nature of a fish does not depend on its size. Some really puny looking fish can display a very aggressive behavior. Take the tiger fish for example. They attack the larger and more docile fish like angels or the moonlight fish.

Do not be deceived by size or colour while buying fish for your aquarium. These 7 are large and the most aggressive fish you will find.

Most Aggressive Aquarium Fish

Top 7 Most Aggressive Fish For Your Tank:

1. Red Belly Piranha: Don't dip your finger into a fish tank that houses red belly piranhas because they will bite it off. You have to see the teeth of a piranha to know why they are so ferocious. Their teeth are curved to scoop out meat from their prey. They are strict non vegetarians so better feed them well!

2. Red Tail Shark: Majestic is the word to describe these beautiful aquarium fish. Their body is a dense velvety black in colour highlighting the bright orange red tail. Sharks are fast swimmers and like their own space. So, if they feel cramped in the fish tank then these fish becomes aggressive. They attack other fish of their own species too!

3. Tiger Barbs: The barbs as a species are the famous 'fin nippers'. They attack the fins of other fish in aquarium. And if these fish have long fins like the angels, then they will surely attack more aggressively. The tiger barbs with bold tiger stripes are by far the most aggressive fish in the barb breed.

4. Giant Danio: Survival of the fittest is the policy that these schooling fish live by. They are silvery blue, slender and love the company of their own breed. But if there is smaller species of fish that is put into the tank with them, it will become their meal.

5. Convict Cichlids: Not all cichids are aggressive. Some like the lake cichids are very pretty and quite. But the convict cichids and the oscars grow to enormous size. They so big that small fish easily fit into their mouth. It is better not to take chances with them.

6. Tangs: They are shaped like a surgeons knife; especially the scales and the sleek spine. Popularly known as the 'surgeon fish', they can surgically sever off the other fish in your tank.

7. Snakehead: It has now become illegal to keep snakeheads as aquarium fish in most countries. But there is no denying the impressive personality that these fish have. They eat a lot and are cannibals. So never keep two together.

Be careful about choosing these aggressive fish for your tank.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2012, 16:57 [IST]
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