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Kids & Pets – Creating A Lasting Relationship (Part 2)

Back to tips about kids - pets relationship. So far we have discussed about the guidelines that come in hand when you want a pet at home. However, there might be a situation when someone already owns a pet and is expecting a child. In such case, we'll have to plan ahead and help the pet adapt to the changes that occur when there is a newborn in the family.

Tips to help build a healthy kids - pets relationship:

1. Visit the vet to check your pet's health. This is as important as your regular visit to the gynecologist. It is better to have your pet neutered as these pets are healthier, calmer and even bite less. If you notice any unusual behavior in the pet, check with your vet.

2. A few studies show that children who are exposed to animals at a young age usually do not develop any allergies in adult life. However, this may not be so in every case.

3. Many pets tend to and love to cuddle in their owners laps. Train your pet to wait till you permit him to cuddle in your lap. This way he'll not barge in every time you sit down with your baby.

4. If any of your friends have an infant, invite them over regularly, so that the pet gets accustomed to baby smells.

5. Pets get irked by sounds of babies crying. Play audios of baby crying, or soft cooing, or even the lullabies playing in the crib, so that he does not feel completely new to these sounds after the baby arrives. Smells play great role in strengthening the bonds of a kids - pets relationship.

6. Allow the pet to inspect the nursery once it is set up. Using baby powder or lotion on yourself or the baby's dolls, allow the pet to get familiar with the baby's smells. Install a sturdy, see through gate at the nursery door, so that the pet can see what is happening inside. This does not make him feel isolated from the family.

7. Similarly, make sure that the door to the animal house is guarded as well. A curious toddler might get into the pet house and get himself locked.

8. Do not force your kid - pet relationship. Give them both time to get to know about each other. They might want to just watch each other from a distance.

9. Do not allow the pet to sleep with the child, even if he displays a lot of affection to your child. This a vital measure to be taken when considering the protection of your child from your pet.

10. Your child is sure to take up most of your time and your schedule might be very hectic. However, do not neglect your pet at this time. Remember pet care is as important as baby care to ensure a great kids-pets relationship.

These are some great ways to get your pet to get accustomed to your newborn. Make way for a healthy kid-pet relationship by following the above tips. Having a child and a pet at home can be great fun. It can be a great learning experience for your child, both physically and emotionally. It makes your child more humane and responsible. So, go ahead and welcome your new-family member with a lot more ease!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 17:57 [IST]
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