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Pet Birds
Keeping a quiet bird is a dream of many bird lovers. If you are thinking of adopting a bird which goes in par with your love towards silence and peace then following are some of the home birds with less vocals. No bird is going to be completely silent but the following list of pet birds have low voices which can make you feel its presence at minimal level.

Top 4 Pet Birds For Home -

1. Parrotlets: Though they belong to the parrot category, tiny parrotlets like Parakeets don't screech and scream like other Hookbills. Parrotlets' soft chatter and chirps are weak enough to disturb the most sensitive ears.
Food - Cereals, grains, uncooked potato, onion and mushrooms, green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, dandelion, cabbage and mustard leaves, broccoli are its favourite. Flowers like sunflower, hibiscus, roses, tulip to name a few. Fruits like apple, banana, berries, plums, water lemon and papaya can be given.

2. Flinches and Canaries: These tiny pet birds have low pitch voice which makes them favourite among the bird lovers who want quiet environment at home whilst having a bird adopted at home. Their small size is an advantage as maintenance and cleaning is minimum.
Food - sprouts, oat, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, egg, bread crumbs, and corn bread are popular food items for them.

3. Parakeet : If you want a pet bird with a look of a parrot, then Parakeet or Budgie is an excellent option for you. These birds can't scream at the same volume of a parrot and they can speak like parrots at low, soft voice.
Food – carrots (roots and tops), sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables like collards, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, beet greens, dandelion leaves, broccoli, corn ( kernels) and cucumber.

4. Cockatiel: these beautiful pet birds are little vocal but tend to be low than compared to other Hookbills. Cockatiels are larger than Parakeet and Flinches. They are good option if you want few chirps, clucks and whistles to make the bird's presence felt.
Food- cockatiel seeds and pellets, dark leafy vegetables and fruits, cooked rice, corn, beans, food grains, cereals, pasta , bread, cheese and meat.

To keep your pet bird healthy and give a long life to them, feed them with fresh water. Keep the bowl or vessel clean, offer food in new ways to entice them to eat like fresh whole, chopped or cooked. Try hanging the vegetables on the cage in a clip or offer them in chunks which they can grab with their feet. In short, be creative when it comes to pet care to get them try new things and make them feel important too..

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Story first published: Monday, May 23, 2011, 16:12 [IST]
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