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Balanced Diet For Your Greedy Labrador

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Labrador Diet
Diet for your Labrador is a very important part of its rearing. Dog nutrition holds a vital place for care of all breeds of dogs but for this breed it takes on special significance. This is because Labs are basically greedy and lazy dogs. Also, their nutrition needs change with age drastically. Whenever you look at a cute cuddly fat Lab you go 'so cute' but you are missing an important point. All that baby fat could be fatal for your dog! So what you are feeding your Labrador is all the more important.

What An Ideal Labrador Diet Comprises?

  • If you are feeding your Labrador standard dog food like Pedigree, then give them medium portions about 3-4 times a day. Make sure the food you give them is proportional to the amount of exercises they do.
  • If you are preparing food for Labrador at home then give them plenty of cereals like ragi, pulses etc. This will build their muscles.
  • About 70% of Labrador diet should be proteins. You can give them a mix of plant and animal proteins. Feed them meat in proportionate quantities because Labs are big strong dogs when they are well fed.
  • There is no harm in giving your Lab sweets once in a while but make sure you don't give them too much of fats. Labs have a sweet tooth and are prone to sloth so give them sweets twice or thrice a week in small amounts. If you are giving them wet sweets like Rasgullas, then squeeze out the sugar syrup before feeding them.
  • Your Labrador diet should include a good ratio of vitamins and minerals, say about 2 percent of their total intake. Labs are huge and have an elaborate bone structure so they need lots of calcium, especially in their growing years for strong bones. Give them milk and milk products like curd in ample amounts

Changing Dog Nutrition needs of Labradors:

  • Your cute Lab puppies will eat and grow at an amazing rate. So you have to give them loads of proteins and as mentioned above, lots of calcium so that they grow to their fullest size. During this period which will last 2 years you can pamper your little puppies with plenty of food for their greedy mouths. Give them carbohydrates and fats but proteins should constitute a major chunk of your Labrador's diet.
  • Once your pet is fully grown its dog nutrition needs will change. Give them more of a balanced diet now because they are not growing anymore. So the extra meat you feed them will be converted into fats and accumulate.
  • In old age you have to stop their sweet intake totally limiting it to once or twice a month in tiny helpings. Labs are prone to diabetes in advanced age and it affects their eyes and kidneys badly.

Make use of these simple tips to plan a perfect diet for your Labrador at every stage of its life.

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Story first published: Monday, August 22, 2011, 13:17 [IST]
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