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5 Expert Tips To Keep The House Cool In The Scorching Summer

The tropical climate of India makes it vulnerable to extreme summers. Soaring high temperature, precipitation, and dry hot winds are typically experienced during India's summer. However, the modern-world has made it easier to deal with these climate situations. Air-conditioning has become a people's favourite for wading off the summer heat.

However, air-conditioning cannot be considered as the ultimate resort for cooling your home. This is because it is always better to go the natural way first. Using passive cooling techniques for creating thermal comfort can help in significantly bringing down indoor temperatures. You can combine the use of these ideas with air-conditioning to achieve optimal home cooling.

Have Dark Curtains

The most efficient way to reduce the heat in your home is to block the sun. If you have a window on the south and east facade, it would be good to cover them with curtains or blinds. Dark coloured curtains are efficient in creating a blackout and abating the heat to get inside the room. This technique also helps in air-conditioning by reducing the time for cooling since the interiors are less heated.

Place Cold Water in Front of a Fan

Placing ice or cold water in front of a table fan is a classic way of cooling the room. This technique has been used over the years in various households and is highly effective. It works on a basic scientific principle of placing a cold object in front of a wind source to receive cool air. A pro tip here would be to shut the windows and doors to keep the cold air trapped inside your home. You must avoid sitting exactly in front of the fan to avoid irritation in the eye.

Allow Night Air Inside

The night air is cool in the summer. You can take advantage of that by keeping your windows and doors open during the night for enhanced cross ventilation. The natural cool breeze helps to calm the indoor temperatures that peaked it's scale during the day.

Upgrade Your Electrical Appliances

Electronic appliances emit heat when lit. These add to the rise in indoor temperatures making it difficult to have comfortable indoors. Switch your incandescent bulbs into LED lights to avoid heating up your home. Alongside this, LED lights are energy-efficient and can help you save big on bills. Avoid using lights during daytime if your house receives enough natural lighting.

Invest in Cooling Mattresses

A cooling mattress and pillow uses gel or memory foam to draw out heat from a mattress. Summer nights can be sweaty and cooling mattresses help in avoiding that by being breathable. If this idea seems heavy on the pocket, you can use cotton sheets as a viable substitute. Cotton sheets are breathable allowing you to have a comfortable sleep.

Use these cooling ideas and let us know which ones worked the best for you.