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Christmas And New Year: Simple Tips To Declutter And Clean Your House For The Festive Season

Welcoming the New Year is all about kickstarting life on a fresh note. People like to declutter and reorganise their homes to embrace a better lifestyle. While 2021 has been a daunting year, we are hopeful that the new year 2022 brings in great health and comfort. And so, cleaning the house can be a wonderful initiative to begin prepping for the new year.

Many people consider spring cleaning as an annual ritual before festivals and important family events. Also, if you are hosting the Christmas or New Year's party at your place then tidying your home becomes even more important. But the process of cleaning the home all by yourself can be exhausting.

Make use of these easy home cleaning ideas that can save you time and energy:

1. Cleaning And Decluttering To-Do List

- Do a recce of the house and identify what needs cleaning and what are the pre-preparations involved in it.

- Buy the tools and cleansers you need before beginning the tasks.

- Make a to-do list for cleaning your house.

- Systematically divide all the areas of your home that need deep cleaning or plain reorganisation.

- Accordingly, schedule all cleansing tasks in your calendar and focus on completing them on the said date.

2. Get Rid Of The Mess First

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Once the cleaning list is ready, you should start decluttering your place. All things that are in bad shape or have not been used for a long time need to be discarded. If certain things are vintage and you would like to keep them, then this would be a good time to restore or repair them. These things consume more space in your home making it feel congested. Removing unnecessary items makes space for new things in your home and gives it a fresh vibe.

3. Re-Organize Your Shelves, Wardrobe, Cabinets

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- Have a deep-cleaning done before rearranging your wardrobe, cabinets, and shelves.

- Vacuum clean away the dust and get the annual coat of paint done.

- The wooden furniture also needs maintenance by regularly painting them with anti-termite solutions.

- Check if your home appliances and machinery are in good shape. Wipe off the electronics with a microfiber cloth.

- Also, the most underrated area of the house while cleaning is the ceiling. Using an extendable duster to clean the fans, moldings and recessed lights would help to make the ceiling dirt-free.

4. Try DIY Home Decor Ideas

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No home cleaning projects are complete without attempting a hand at DIY decor.

- Redo the upholstery of sofas, pillow covers, and give a nice twist to your home's interior design.

- Trying a hand at DIY handicrafts and art will make your space look artsy and give it a festive vibe.

- Adding some plants to the balcony or living room will help you to give them create a fresh look.

And finally, the most important aspect of the New Year cleaning is to ward off all the negativity from your home. So, do away with the mess and make way for all the great things that New Year 2022 has to offer. Happy New Year 2022!

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Story first published: Saturday, December 25, 2021, 8:01 [IST]